Introducing the passionate and haunting post-punk of The Lost End

The Lost End almost feel shrouded in mystery. Upon trying to uncover information about the band, I was met with not very much at all.

However, this is completely in keeping with their dark, introspective brand of post-punk.

The Lost End are equal parts endearing and isolating, like you’re alone with the band in a dark garage, far away from home.

Based out of Norman, Oklahoma, USA, The Lost End are made up of Ryan Taylor on vocals, Scott Jones on guitar, Brian Daniel on bass, and Trevor Helm on drums.

The band create compact, hard hitting post-punk mixed with elements of psych, alternative rock, and melodic punk.

The result of this unique fusion is punchy, consistently strong, air-tight music that can often feel claustrophobic… in the best possible way.

Think Joy Division, Interpol, and The Cure locked in a basement together: I imagine the sounds they’d create together would sound something like The Lost End.

Recorded and Mixed by Trent Bell, the Oklahoma four-piece already have a debut self-titled seven-track album under their belts, filled with eerie, harrowing, and addictive slow burners.

Tracks like Signs That Guide and As A Ghost are brimming with twisted, crunching guitars, while the more subtle album opener Self Control is driven largely by Taylor’s haunting and enigmatic vocals.

One thing’s for sure… I’d happily get locked in a garage with these guys at any time, as long as their playing these epic tunes.

Do yourself a favour and listen above.