“Peptalks” by tricktheriddle: A hooky ode to giving a fuck

tricktheriddle has hooked us hard with “Peptalks” keep dreaming, keep screaming, ode to giving a fuck.

In a world of sonic conformity, tricktheriddle’s latest release “Peptalks” stands tall as an unapologetic ode to alternative rock’s vibrant rebellion.

This infectious anthem, which dropped on June 16th across all platforms, delivers a potent dose of alt sensibilities that strikes a chord with those who revel in the edgy embrace of the unconventional.


Recorded under the keen guidance of Grammy-winning producer Joel Hamilton in Brooklyn, “Peptalks” emerges as a phoenix from the ashes of a demo penned by the band’s visionary, Luke, years prior.

The song’s genesis is as intriguing as its composition – a chance subway encounter where an unknown stranger urged Luke to find cheerfulness amid life’s chaos. This serendipitous interaction birthed a track that’s both relatable and empowering.

Part of the mesmerizing 3-track EP titled ‘Sonata for a Ritual, in D# Minor’, “Peptalks” takes center stage with its indie rock vocals that exude raw authenticity.

The production is pristine, revealing layers that unveil themselves with each listen. And then there’s the guitar hook, a masterstroke that effortlessly lodges itself into your psyche. It’s the kind of hook that could reel in even the most distant listener, setting the stage for a sonic journey that’s impossible to resist.

The excitement doesn’t end there – brace yourself for the music video scheduled to drop on September 1st, promising a visual dimension to match the song’s audacious audial appeal.

And if that’s not enough to satiate your craving for tricktheriddle, mark your calendars for September 29th when the next single is set to drop.

Born from the enigmatic mind of transgender front-person Luke, tricktheriddle isn’t just a band; it’s an embodiment of anti-culture within the realm of alt music.

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of New York, they blend genres with an effortless finesse that transcends conventional definitions.


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Their music is a testament to the fact that boundaries are meant to be broken, and labels hold no sway over the creative tidal wave they’ve become.

In a sea of mainstream monotony, “Peptalks” is a refreshing alt rock gem that reminds us of the power of authenticity and the allure of the unconventional.

tricktheriddle’s music is a beacon for those seeking refuge on the fringes of the musical landscape, a place where  sublime alt hooks are as irresistible as they are liberating.