Jonty takes us into part two of his adventures with Holy Serpent

Tripping balls on mushrooms with Holy Serpent and our 2nd instalment of their tour diary

This is the second chapter of Holy Serpent’s whirlwind Adelaide adventure. You can read the first here.

The guys rock up the following day to my place with a shit load of snags and steaks. Scott is a chef so he mans the BBQ and we dive into a fresh case of (you bet they’re from Melbourne) Victoria Bitter. It’s a pretty glorious fry up and my three dogs are running around like crazy.

While we eat and drink we listen to a combination of The Damian Murdoch Trio and HEADS. The latter of which Macca was pretty into. I explained to them that both bands were side projects of members of German post metal band The Ocean. We rounded out the dining experience with Mastodon’s Once More ‘Round the Sun.

Holy Serpent tour diary

Multiple gigs! Bourbon coffee! Magic Mushrooms! Another hectic chapter of the Holy Serpent Adelaide tour, fuelled entirely by beer of course.

As Holy Serpent left to load in their show they asked if I was coming. I reminded them that I would be, had I not been playing two shows at two different venues. I myself was unsure how it was going to play out, having only agreed to play one of the shows hours beforehand, but I told them I would catch up with them later.

I listened to the rest of the record and then headed out to The Crown and Anchor for the first set of the night, which was with Cobra. When I arrive to the venue Yanni and I get on the beers immediately. The rider at The Crown and Anchor is the best in town and it has to be taken advantage of. Our bassist Jack Crawford piles in not long after, and we get nice and drunk before hitting the stage.

The show was for the Glass Skies single launch, an Adelaide buzz band who have recently supported King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Kingswood, Everclear and Shonen Knife, with supports coming up for The Preatures too they are definitely doing well for themselves. Unfortunately we were playing early, so there were only a few people in the room. As soon as we finished our set I start packing down my cymbals and snare drum. Nathan Dior is parked outside ready to ship off to the next gig at The Jade Monkey. I tell Yanni and Jack that I’ve got to run, but to enjoy the rider, whilst also letting Azz and Josh from Glass Skies know that I would be back in time for their set.

Kyle and Cruise, who play bass and guitar respectively in my other band The Cosmic Crime Paradigm help me with my gear. Together with Nathan, who also plays in Devil’s Crossroad we head to the gig in high spirits. This is only our second show together, as a party band that formed when we started playing impromptu at a friend’s 21st.

The Jade Monkey is only around the corner and I laugh about the greatness of playing two venues in one night. Double money, and double rider. The first thing I do after dumping the gear on stage is get a Bourbon and coke. Technically we were kind of saving the day with this gig, it was Triggerhertz’ first show and when their support band dropped out of a two band line up we were asked to fill in.

Being the nice guys we are we thought we may as well oblige. We played to a room of ten people, running through our rag tag set of original song The Underwater Dingo Tribe, covers of Feel Good Inc, Willow Tree and Gin and Juice. It’s pretty cool doing a rock and roll cover of Snoop Dogg. We end with an improvised jam. I’m sure we could have played all night, but I wanted to get back to the Crown and Anchor to see Glass Skies.

We all nail the remainder of our rider and head back to The Cranka in the rain, on foot this time, as Nathan is now too drunk to drive. I wonder how many beers will be left on the rider, as Yanni and Jack were left to it unattended. When I get back to the pub the two of them are nowhere to be seen, and there’s still eight beers left, so I order four at once. There’s not much that beats free beer. .

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The four of us jump into the band room and it has transformed completely from earlier on in the night. The room is packed and Glass Skies are rocking out on stage. Their sound is comprised of riffy 60’s style psychedelic rock, fuzzed out soundscapes and superbly high pitched vocals. Their newer material, yet to be released on record, is much heavier and industrialised with big 90’s elements. Safe to say they are dominating the Adelaide local scene

Glass Skies finish their set and I’m conscious of the time. Holy Serpent have just started playing across town and my plan was to ferry The Cosmic Crime Paradigm over to the Worlds End for the show. They can be notoriously hard to coordinate, but tonight I was on a mission. We’re backstage with John, Azz, Josh and Dan, who make up Glass Skies. The usual post show banter is going down.

Oh man that was sick!

Nah man it was shit!

The boys know what my plan of attack is, but are keen to keep things going and get more drinks. I see Nathan’s eyes light up at the idea, and although super tempting I know if we go down this road we’ll never make it to see Holy Serpent in time. We say our goodbyes and pile into a cab across town.

Inside the Worlds End, which boasts an outdoor stage, Holy Serpent are halfway through their set, busting out The Plague. We buy a jug of beer and get our drink on while enjoying the tasty riffs. Scott is on fire tonight. Until that point in time I had never seen a musician remind me of Pitt activating a power up on Super Smash Bro’s while playing the guitar. It was a great show, and by this point I’m pretty blind.

Once off stage I regroup with Holy Serpent. They’re keen to go back to the house for some introspection, rather than stay out to find another venue. After packing all their gear The Cosmic Crime Paradigm agree to meet them there. The bands are playing a house party show the next day, along with Devil’s Crossroad, set to take place in the mansion Holy Serpent have been staying in.

Kyle, Cruise, Nathan and I make an essential stop for a burrito before getting a taxi back to the car. The trip is only short, we’re certain Nathan won’t get pulled over. Surely enough we’re back at the house in minutes. I was pretty happy with how the night had went. I eat a bunch of magic mushrooms, so does Kyle, Cruise and Nathan. We spend the remaining few hours smoking and talking absolute nonsense with the guys from Holy Serpent. Eventually putting ourselves to bed I drift off to sleep watching closed eyes visuals of psilocybin gills morphing into accordions and record sleeves until I am finally out cold.

We wake up in the morning. It’s pretty hazy. Keith is laughing at me for putting Bourbon in my coffee. I don’t blame him. It’s powdered coffee and it tastes like shit, but today we’re throwing a house party show before Holy Serpent’s final Adelaide date. It’s a good excuse to get loose.