Trump wants to do a White House edition of The Apprentice

It seems that regardless of his duty to serve and protect the people of America, nothing should get in the way of Donald Trump’s personal ambitions to reboot The Apprentice.

Discussions with the creator of reality T.V show The Apprentice have taken place regarding a highly unconstitutional reboot of the show post-presidency.

Mark Burnett has reportedly been in discussion with Trump for some time regarding plans for a post-presidential partnership to resume the show which has been retired since Trump’s campaign announcement for presidency in 2015.

In response to speculations against such blatant misuse of political presence to pursue private endeavors, Trump has accused, without evidence, former US president Barack Obama of establishing his production partnership with Netflix during his time in office – an unsupported claim to defend Trump’s own obvious hypocrisy and corruption it seems.  

Obama’s recently established production company (Higher Ground Productions) seeks to highlight the stories of inspiring and creative laypeople, providing an important platform for the many talented and progressive personalities which the former President encountered during his time in office.

The rekindling of Burnett’s relationship with the president comes as quite a surprise considering his previous criticisms of Trump and his intrinsic “hatred, division, and misogyny”. Apparently business talks; and if this reported White House reboot of The Apprentice takes place, business could be talking loud enough to keep hidden unreleased footage of Trump using sexually and racially charged language to refer to attendants of The Apprentice in seasons past…