Ever wanted to wipe your crack with the Donald? A savvy Mexican entrepreneur has rolled out Trump TP

Since dud POTUS Donald Trump pulled out of the world’s largest, most forward-thinking environmental agreement in history, you might find yourself thinking; gee, wouldn’t it be just swell if someone smeared some shit right across that orange forehead?

Mexican lawyer/businessman Antonio Battaglia’s latest venture couldn’t really come at a better point. After nearly two years navigating Trump company trademarks, Mexico’s Institute of Industrial Property and a ton of other hurdles, he’s successfully obtained the right to produce toilet paper with the President’s name on it.

donald trump toilet paper Antonio Battaglia
Photo: Antonia Battaglia

Thanks to Antonio Battaglia, you can literally wipe your ass with Trump. Behold Mexico’s newest brand of toilet paper offering “softness without borders”.

The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property doesn’t cover what is referring to in Spanish as “hygienic paper”, apparently, despite having a strong monopoly on this name in the construction, hotels, tourism, real estate and financial services sectors. As such, Battaglia’s trademark was approved in October 2015.

The first products will roll off production lines further down the line in 2017, with Battaglia promising 30% of the profits to migrant support charities.

As if this wasn’t enough, Battaglia’s chosen slogans for the product are “Softness without borders” and “This is a wall that, yes, we will pay for” as an extra sprinkling of ‘Fuck You’ to Trumpy.

Via The Guardian.

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