Want to see Ronda Rousey kick the shit out of Donald Trump? Puscifer has brought the dream to life in their manic new video

As the unofficial solo pseudonym of Tool’s Maynard James Keenan, the work of Puscifer has never been a portfolio that shies away from social commentary, some unfiltered fun-poking, or even targeted and often brutal digs.

The latest victim of Keenan’s ungodly distaste is, expectedly, Donald Trump. While the American presidential candidate has truly been serving as a bottomless pit of political satire and reckless hate, Puscifer’s stand against the sopping pile of human garbage is one of the most prolific yet.


Hating Donald Trump is in fashion, and Puscifer are the latest  musos to lend their craft in the battle against the republican nominee.

Keenan’s political jab takes the form of the official film clip for The Arsonist, a track from Puscifer’s 2015 LP Money Shot. Seemingly inspired by the skyscraper sized Power Rangers fight sequences of yesteryear, the video sees the citizens of America rising up to defeat Trumpzilla, a monstrous incarnation of old Don.

The clip begins with a mock MMA showdown between Keenan and Rhonda Rousey, featuring a cameo from comedian and sports commentator Joe Rogan, who makes a quip about Keenan being forced into gender reassignment surgery if he loses.

This is where Trumpzilla emerges, and the fun begins. The supersized Trump dinosaur is shown trampling the White House, reducing Mount Rushmore to rubble and spitting out a brick wall in front of a Mariachi band he spots.

Watch the full video below:

Keenan and Rousey settle their differences in the face of their common enemy Trumpzilla, joining forces with three other female fighters to take on the beast. What follows is a battle of epic proportions, complete with a sequence in which Trump’s famous haircut becomes sentient.

In the end, the unlikely band of heroes takes down the Trump, after inspiring the swelling American population to come together and overpower Trumpzilla. Unfortunately, the team didn’t morph together and combine into a building sized collaboration – it seems the Power Rangers connection doesn’t run that deep.

It’s a pretty clear message. Keenan wants to encourage America to band together to defeat Donald Trump, and is accomplishing it through humour. With only a couple of weeks remaining before the States cast their votes, it’s understandable that celebrities are forsaking a bit of subtlety in their opposition to the potential POTUS.

When asked to comment on the video, Keenan only had one thing to say:

“Sometimes you grab the Puscifer. Sometimes the Puscifer grabs you.”

The blasting, prog drive of The Arsonist is the perfect backdrop to the action sequence, somehow feeling as comfortable in a clip like this as it would thundering through a stadium’s PA.

Keenan joins a sleuth of musicians who have spoken out on their distaste for Trump. Recently Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters used a live performance to paint the politician as a dildo loving, Nazi Klansman with a micropenis, Death Cab for Cutie has released an original, anti-Trump single and musos left, right and centre have been issuing public statements discrediting the nominee.

Puscifer are touring Australia early next year, hitting Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane in the tail end of January. While their mood may depend on the outcome of the American election, there’s no doubt they’ll be a blast to catch live.

All the information on the Money Shot Round Under Tour, including where to grab tickets, can be found here.

Sunday 22 January – Plenary, MCEC – Melbourne
Monday 23 January – Thebarton Theatre – Adelaide
Wednesday 25 January – Darling Harbour Theatre – Sydney
Thursday 26 January – Convention & Exhibition Centre – Brisbane
Sunday 29 January –  Vector Arena – Auckland