Try not to panic, but there could be a Daft Punk world tour in 2017. Australia included!

All through last week, music news sources all over the world have been going apeshit over the potential of Daft Punk making an über rare tour around the globe next year.

Now, remember to take any rumours on this level with a grain of salt. In the days of the internet, any smart prankster can send the world into a fit. That being said, it’s hard not to pee your pants with excitement where Daft Punk is concerned.

daft punk world tour

All signs are pointing to a Daft Punk world tour including Australia next year. Could the robots be coming down under for the first time in a decade?

Savvy Daft Punk fans may have clued into this news quite some time ago, because it seems the live dates from the French duo fall into a pattern. Daft Punk have issued two live albums in the past: Alive 1997 which was a recording of an historic performance at Birmingham’s Que Club, and the Grammy Award winning Alive 2007, recorded in Paris as part of their 2006/2007 world tour.

And, as if in answer to millions of thirsty fans across the globe, a mysterious website Alive 2017 has emerged. Furthermore, a Reddit user dug into the site’s backend and managed to find two more clues: a series of GPS coordinates and a ‘wake’ date for the website on October 27th.

daft punk world tour

For now, that’s all the news we have, but we eagerly await the end of this month for more. Listen to Daft Punk’s previous two live albums below:

Via Music Feeds.