Premiere: Tuppaware Party unveils 'Drowning'

Premiere: Tuppaware Party unveils ‘Drowning’

Tuppaware Party drops an energetic, and moving video for their fresh new single ‘Drowning’.

Following up on Tuppaware Party’s recent single, Moving on, the sunkissed tri out of Cronulla has blessed our eyes and ears with the new single Drowning, alongside an engaging video.

Singer-songwriter Shelly Fitzpatrick knows how to boldly corner you with her striking vocals, and is not afraid to venture where others fear to tread. With her honest and at times confronting lyrics, this is one self-aware beach babe who is not afraid to share her thoughts. 

tupperware party drowned
Credit: Tupperware Party

From the get-go, the track opens up with a catchy guitar that hooks you straight in and leads you on an energetic and engaging walkthrough of what it means to invest a lot of time into someone that you thought you knew. Lyrically and sonically engaging, with one hell of a punchy beat, the song delivers a cathartic release amidst the discovery that there is always a lot more to learn about yourself when it comes to love.

With Keva Wilson, on keys and backing vocals, and Bryce Hearnden’s drums, Tuppaware has big Divinyls energy and is a welcome dose of honest and in-your-face rock and roll that the scene so desperately needs.

Check out their killer new video Drowning below:

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