Turns out ‘Borat 2’ was filmed in secret and it’s ready for release

Sacha Baron Cohen is set to return to his most beloved role, with Borat 2 reportedly already finished filming and already being screened.

Everyone’s favourite Kazakh journalist may be hitting our screens sooner than expected, with Sacha Baron Cohen reportedly finishing up filming of Borat 2.

The news comes after the comedian was spotted being filmed playing the infamous character in California last month. 

borat 2, sacha baron cohen
Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

According to Collider, the sequel has already been shown to some industry figures and has a rumoured release date set for later this year. Borat 2 comes 14 years after the original, which saw the often controversial Cohen travelling around the United States portraying the Kazakh character.

The ‘mockumentary’ featured several unscripted scenes with Borat interviewing real-life Americans who fell for his act of being a foreigner with no understanding of American customs. Cohen has since gone on to film and produce some hilarious, yet controversial films including Bruno, The Dictator, and Grimsby.

With the United States firmly in the public eye following the 2016 election of Donald Trump, Cohen’s 2018 series Who Is America? came at an appropriate time as any. Cohen played a variety of characters in an attempt to showcase some of the weirder and at times incredibly gullible characters America has to offer.

With the current crisis the United States finds itself in, and an incredibly intense election on the horizon, Borat 2 is in more demand than ever.