Turns out Lewis Capaldi’s label once got him an etiquette coach

If we are being completely honest, we don’t love Lewis Capaldi for his music. As a person, however, Capaldi is simply comedic gold.

His music in some ways plays a secondary role to his self deprecating, rude, and out-right brilliant off-stage persona. However, it looks like his label might not have been of the same view.

lewis capaldi

The label of funny-man Lewis Capaldi paid for him to take etiquette classes back in 2018 as part of promotion for his single Grace.

It’s recently come to light that back in 2018, Capaldi’s label hired him an etiquette coach to teach him how to walk and talk in an elegant manner. These took place just following the release of his world-conquering single, Someone You Loved.

The lessons, which were taught by “celebrity party organiser” Liz Brewer, included dining etiquette, introductions at social functions, and surprisingly enough, how to walk appropriately. Apparently you can walk inappropriately?

Brewer explained that, shockingly enough, “None of the classes included any swearing and he never swore when he was with me. He was a perfect pupil.”

“It’s a great shame he feels he has to swear now as he’s a nice guy with huge talent,” she continued. “I think it’s an age thing and I’m sure he will grow out of it.”

Yet, it turns out that the classes were in relation to promotion for his 2018 single Grace. A spokesperson for Capaldi has explained, “This was part of a jokey video series filmed around the release of Lewis’ single ‘Grace’ but never released. Lewis’ team loves him exactly how he is.”

We also love Capaldi just how he is (with possible slight changes to his music).

Have a look at some of his best moments below (and yes, there is swearing involved):