Twerps – I Don’t Mind

The groggy guitar pop gold that is I Don’t Mind is a laid back yet exciting teaser for Twerps’ sophomore release!

With Straya Day upon us, it’s good to know slackerdom is alive and well in our sunburnt country! So, what better way to celebrate than by raising a stubby to Melbourne’s ripper four-piece Twerps and their new slacker pop tunes.

Because seriously, the only un-Australian thing about this band is that they also happen to be Jessica Alba’s favourite and who doesn’t love JA?


Back in 2008, vocalists and guitarists Marty Frawley and Jules McFarlane, bassist Rick Milovanovic and drummer Patrick O’Neill decided to write a song like The Clean’s Anything Could Happen. Well, a few months later they gave it a burl on their self-titled debut EP and let’s just say did a bloody good job right off the bat. But, it was their 2011 self-titled debut album that really likened them to the jangly Flying Nun band and got them attention both here and in the States.

Heading to America, they played a bunch of festivals like SXSW, toured with good buddies Real Estate, won over Alba with their tune Dreamin and eventually signed to US label Merge Records before releasing another EP Underlay. Now, in the lead up to their second LP Range Anxiety, they’ve released two beaut slacker pop singles, which Jessica Alba has no doubt already added to her playlist.

First single Back To You is like the innermost thoughts of every twenty-something. Despite its bouncy guitar riff, the tune’s glum vocals follow in the footsteps of their best tunes like Work It Out. Sprightly percussion alongside lazy vocals make the tune sunny but blue, happy but sad and full of beans yet full of melancholy all at the same time. To top it off, it’s got a cool video clip full of mundane shots of their hometown, which just adds to their whole slacker vibe, really.

Meanwhile, recently released second single I Don’t Mind is pure groggy pop gold. Opening with a sluggish guitar riff, it sleepwalks along like it’s had a five-day bender, eventually tripping over some bleary-eyed vocals which chuck in their two cents’ worth. But, a few aspirins and black coffees later the volume amps up, the tempo gets a wriggle on, the backup vocals rise and shine and the tune swells into a fun pop anthem about the everyman dilemma of indecision.

If their first two singles are anything to go by, Twerps’ second LP is going to be jam-packed with their gloriously lazy slacker pop vibes both Jessica Alba and us common folk have come to know and love. Coming out on January 23rd, just in time for Straya Day, make sure you give this one a whirl and check them out on tour. Straya!