Video Premiere: Pluto Jonze – Wear Purple At My Funeral

Would you bring a llama to a funeral? Would you take acid at a funeral? And would you get your best purple suit cry cleaned and freshly pressed while you’re at it? Well if you were going to Pluto Jonze‘s be sure you do! Death can be a terrifying thing, they say death and taxes are the the only two things certain in this life. Well not for for this Sydney band, who manages to put the entire YOLO philosophy to shame and party at their own memorial service. So come on in, you’re all invited to wear purple at the funeral!

chilled trap, deep house, electro, indie, alternative, rock, future garage

Forget Ave Maria, the new song to play at a memorial is Wear Purple At My Funeral. Pluto Jonze don’t disappoint with their high calibre lyricism and infectious sense of fun.

Sydney’s Pluto Jonze has been on the up n’ up lately. Their latest EP Sucker was released last year and boasted a fantastic blend of clever imagery and dazzling guitars. If you’re not familiar with this stellar Sydney act be sure to pick up a copy of Sucker, it serves as a great introduction to the band. Since the releases they’ve been plenty busy going form strength to strength and are continuing the trend in 2015 with the releases of Wear Purple At My Funeral.

Going off the title alone I wouldn’t blame you if you thought this song was a little silly, perhaps even pushing into the boundaries of camp. But front man Lachlan Nicholson has an undeniable endearing quality that shines through in his lyrics and it is that factor that makes this song work. As he lists off several ridiculous things to bring to his funeral (llamas, acid) the line “Ex-girlfriends? Over my dead body!” is a great sarcastic bite.

Upon closer inspection the lyrics seem to be at odds with the bubbly music and accompanying video. “You’re all invited. The day that I make my great escape” hints at something slightly sinister. Or perhaps this is just Nicholson poking some fun. Regardless the infectiously fun character of the song is undeniable. “Deliver me in a rainbow hearse. Say the sermon in reverse. Carry me out on roller skates” are loaded with wit and playfulness. The accompanying jolly keyboards and guitars effectively convey the same tone, whilst the bits and pieces of auto tune and Lorde-esque “Yeah” manage to heighten the sense of sheer joy and fun.

The video meanwhile is every bit as ridiculous as the song. The opening shots of skeleton parts playing the opening lighthearted chords on keyboard set the scene nicely. What follows is a rambunctious series of shots of what appears to be the best wake in the history of mankind. Exploding confetti, sombreros, the Grim Reaper on drums and dancing with Nicholson’s corpse.

There’s a chance some people may be irked by this song in how it makes light of death, but I believe there is something truly poetic in Wear Purple At My Funeral. Perhaps in death one finally has the freedom to do what they want, unbound by the rules and standards of the world that we live in. So why not have purple themed, acid taking, roller skating funeral?



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