Two men robbed a Virginia convenience store wearing watermelons on their heads

Imagine the scene: you hotbox your car with your mate and you both lose your wallets. The munchies have kicked in and all you have are two huge watermelons staring at you from the back seat.

An ingenious weed-induced plan slowly starts to unravel…

A pair of criminals hollowed out some watermelons and robbed a convenience store in Virginia. Yep.

CCTV footage has been released of the now-infamous duo wearing watermelons, eyes carved out and all, on their heads and robbing a convenience store in a small town in Virginia. We reckon it’s a pretty genius facade.

Pulling up to the scene in a black Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, the melon heads entered a Sheetz store in Louisa at 9:35 pm on May 5. They allegedly stole from the convenience store and escaped from the scene unscathed. It’s surprising to see that they weren’t sussed out by the store worker in the first place. They did, after all, have watermelons on their heads.

However, Louisa Police Department inquired into the crime by conducting a larceny investigation. They arrested one of the boys (age 20) who has now been charged with misdemeanour larceny of alcohol and misdemeanour possession of alcohol by an underage person, as well as felony prohibition of wearing a mask/face-covering in public. The police are still looking for the other melon head.

That’s a healthy alternative to face masking if we’ve ever seen one. A brilliant disguise. Bonus points for originality. Fucking melon heads.

Check out the original news bulletin here.