Time to rug up: BOM predicts a wet, wintry week for most of Australia

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has reported that much of the country can expect a cold and rainy week ahead.

A cold front which yesterday crossed over the south coast of Western Australia reached parts of South Australia and Tasmania today and will be continuing on to Victoria and New South Wales.

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Photo: Nate Watson

You know you’re in for rain when BOM tells you to pull out your gumboots: Australia, prepare yourself for a wet and cold week ahead.

BOM has reported that a series of cold fronts will be impacting the southern part of the country this week, with more showers forecast for Adelaide tomorrow and possible showers from Thursday to Saturday. Meanwhile, Melbourne will see showers tomorrow evening and possible showers for the rest of the week, and Hobart will see showers tomorrow and Saturday.

Following a warm, sunny day tomorrow, Sydney will get the cold front on Thursday with possible showers for Friday and Saturday. Brisbane will see a few showers over the next few days which will then ease for the rest of the week, whilst Perth has seen the last of the rain for now.

Meanwhile, from mid-week, a thick cloud band across Northern Australia is predicted to bring rain and below-average-temperatures.