Uber’s new Quiet Mode gives ‘Shut Up and Drive’ a whole new meaning

Ever been stuck in a conversation with your Uber driver and just wished you didn’t have to engage in awkward small talk?

Uber is giving you permission to abstain from conversation with the rollout of its latest feature: introducing Quiet Mode.

uber, quiet mode

Shut up and drive already: Uber’s new feature Quiet Mode has just hit the Australian world of rideshare, but there’s a catch.

The new feature was successfully rolled out in the United States mid-last year and has now crossed the waters, giving Australian users the option to select Quiet Mode before beginning their ride. The driver will then be notified and you can enjoy silence throughout the duration of your travel.

Unfortunately, though, most things in life aren’t free. Uber are only offering the new feature when you ride using Uber Comfort as opposed to the cheaper, regular option, Uber X. That’s about a 30% increase in cost if you’re not feeling like a social butterfly.

To be fair, the new feature also allows you to select a set temperature for your journey – the perfect solution for those who are feeling the heat recently. Most importantly though, your driver will also wait up to ten minutes at your pickup location – so if you’re still downing your last pre-drinks on a night out, you’ll no longer cop that $10 fine for keeping your driver waiting.