The UK introduces their second female Conservative foreign secretary

Conservative Liz Truss has landed a promotion, becoming the second female foreign secretary 15 years after Margaret Beckett.

Supporters describe Liz Truss as ‘one of the only true capitalists left in the cabinet’, inspiring the mantra, “In Liz, we Truss”.

Some are saying Truss is the first female foreign secretary, but the first was Margaret Beckett.

Liz Truss outside 10 Downing St
Image: The Independent

Truss was said to have aroused concerns in regards to the national insurance rise unveiled by the British prime minister last week.

This week, she spoke in favour of ‘enterprise’ instead of ‘statism’.

In her speech to the Policy Exchange think-tank, she stated that the Conservative party should embrace free enterprise in lieu of “inexorably growing the size of the state”.

Truss led the Department for International Trade for two years in which she became well-versed in articulating a vision for the dreaded post-Brexit’s “Global Britain”.

Announcing trade deals with her notorious patriotism, she is liked and respected by her colleagues, who see her as containing a strong and focused work ethic.

Truss’s debut international trip as the new foreign secretary is expected to take place next week, when she will be accompanying Boris Johnson to New York for the UN general assembly meeting.

Apparently, a priority on the trip will be ‘rekindling our relationship with the US’, a senior Tory stated, after Britain felt left in the dark by Joe Biden’s administration during the recent controversial withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Liz Truss at the PM's Trade Envoys
Image: Twitter

MPs in the UK have said Truss “should certainly get on much better with Ben Wallace”, referring to the heated debate between the defence secretary and Dominic Raab over the handling of the evacuation from Afghanistan.

A senior Whitehall official who previously worked with Truss at the trade department said,

“A lot of people don’t take her as seriously as they should. She’ll bang the drum for global Britain even more vigorously than she did at trade – which isn’t a bad thing at all,”

Also adding she would probably be “more hawkish on China” while pointing to recent outspoken comments on intellectual property theft and forced labour in the province of Xinjiang, China.

MPs have said Truss is likely to thrive further in her new foreign secretary role,

“She’s just kept her head down, got on with the job and delivered – and she’ll do that again,” one said.

Another person noted,

“She takes no shit.”