UK nightclub defends decision to host all-night rave on day of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

A nightclub in the UK has been criticised for its decision to host a free, all-night rave that will run into the day of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. 

Earlier this week, a Bristol-based nightclub called Motion announced its plans to throw a “massive Bank Holiday banger,” from 8pm on Sunday to 5am the following morning, coinciding with the late monarch’s London funeral on Monday (September 19). The club will be open to hundreds of revellers. 

While the rave is due to conclude hours before the Queen’s funeral, the event has been deemed distasteful — especially given the country’s national period of mourning which began upon Elizabeth’s death at age 96 last week. Despite calls for the Motion event to be cancelled, organisers have defended their decision to host the rave. 

Motion nightclub
Credit: Sin Mei Lam / Here & Now

In a press statement, a spokesperson for the club explained that the recent cancellation of a string of events — including the Tokyo World Festival — in the wake of the pandemic has made remaining open a priority. “In light of these [events] being cancelled, and with wages, increasing power costs, plus multiple other factors of life in 2022, we felt we were not in the position to keep the venue shut,” they said. 

The nightclub confirmed that the rave will commence with a minute’s silence in honour of the Queen, held at both the entry point and inside the venue. Motion went on to express sympathies to the royal family and the UK at large, saying that “we were truly saddened to hear of [her] passing…and wish the new King all the best in his new role.

Towards the end of their statement, the nightclub explained that the event wasn’t in violation of any Bank Holiday restrictions, before addressing some of the criticism that’s been levelled against them by the public: “We do, of course, 100 percent appreciate and are thankful for everyone’s [concerns],” they said. 

Charles Camilla laying flowers
Credit: Niall Carson/PA

Preparations for the Queen’s funeral — codenamed “Operation London Bridge” — have been well underway since her passing last week. A service will be held at Westminster Abbey, in addition to a military procession across London before a final family ceremony at Windsor Castle chapel. Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese and US President, Joe Biden are expected to attend.