Albo chugs a beer at Gang of Youths concert

Aussie PM Albo was spotted at a Gang of Youths gig last night. Punters cheered him on as he chugged a beer and then raised his glass.

Finland’s PM knows how to party, but Albo parties harder. Last night, Aussie rockers Gang of Youths played a show at Enmore Theatre, as part of their Angel in Realtime Tour of Australia. Spotted in the crowd was none other than Aussie PM, Anthony Albanese. It was good vibes only as the PM moved to the music with a beer in his hand.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the crowd to notice Albo’s presence, and from that point on, the inevitable calls for him to scull his drink began. Much to everyone’s delight, Albo happily obliged and did just that! Shortly after, he raised his class to the crowd, eliciting proud cheers from everybody.

gang of youths
Credit: Twitter

After last night’s tour concert in celebration of their latest album, angel in realtime, Gang of Youths are now gearing up for international gigs, starting with US and European shows in early September. Check out a full list of their tour dates here.

As for Albo, I guess we’ll see him at the next gig? until then, please enjoy the iconic footage below of our Aussie PM slamming a schooner!