‘Universal Hologram’ EP by ultrasaturated – A dreamy dive into nostalgic wonder

Discover the captivating fusion of dream pop, post punk, new wave, and shoegaze.

ultrasaturated emerges as a dreamy new wave band that transcends geographical boundaries, existing at an enigmatic intersection between Amsterdam, Como, and Vicenza.

With their roots firmly planted in the Italian punk and hardcore scene, ultrasaturated’s journey began in 2022 when the band convened for a week in a serene cabin nestled in the Italian Alps. It was within this magical environment that their debut EP, “Universal Hologram,” took shape.

Diego Bonato ultrasaturated
Diego Bonato

‘Universal Hologram,’ takes listeners on a holistic dreamy experience that blends each song seamlessly into the next. The result is a vast soundscape that evokes the nostalgic wonder of a child, urging us to embrace each new day with renewed fascination.

The opening track, ‘In The Sun,’ sets the stage with its vivid and swelling backdrop. The driving pulse of the drums and the hypnotic patience of the guitars create a reliable and dreamy atmosphere. It acts as an overture, introducing the EP’s themes and captivating the listener from the start.

‘Swimming Thru’ continues the motifs established in the opening track, but at a slightly slower pace. The lyrics draw you in further, and the guitars take on a grungy role, adding energy to the EP. It’s a song that lingers and leaves a lasting impression, vocalist Samuel Zini enticing you with lost romance in the lyrics, “I will never forget to look for you everywhere”.

With ‘Horsegait,’ ultrasaturated takes a minor detour, accompanied by a mesmerizing music video. The bass steals the show in this song, immersing us in a psychedelic dreamscape. The collaboration with videomaker Troy Lustick elevates the track, giving it a visual representation that matches its wonderful sound.

‘Dust’ stands out as the black sheep of the EP, retaining the signature shoegaze swell while taking a detour into alt-pop territory that adds a cinematic quality. If the other tracks were in a coming-of-age movie, ‘Dust’ would undoubtedly be the pivotal moment that leaves you on the edge of your seat.

There’s an experimental approach here that feels refreshing and entirely appropriate; if we’re already swimming in a vast, lush shoegaze ocean, let’s toss some aliens into the mix too! And you know what? It works. It’s unexpected, it’s peculiar, but it’s the kind of delightful oddity that keeps us hooked and eager for more.

Closing the EP, ‘Bliss’ bookends the journey with an introspective drive. This romantic track exudes a lightness that will make you sway involuntarily. It incorporates otherworldly textures we’ve grown accustomed to, and its carefree joy reminds us of a warm beach day spent with friends.

The throughline of ‘Universal Hologram’ is a carefree wonder that doesn’t merely serve as an escapist route. Instead, it evokes a nostalgic feeling that encourages us to seek the same bliss in our present lives.

ultrasaturated, composed of Federico Ceretta, Gianmaria Cetti, and Samuel Zini, initially started as a side project but quickly became their main focus. The EP’s development in a cabin studio in the Italian Alps was a breathtaking experience that perfectly aligned with the dreamy songs they aimed to create.

Following the cabin session, they fine-tuned the tracks, wrote lyrics and melodies, and self-recorded the EP in Amsterdam. Collaborating with Filippo Strang at VDSS Studio gave the songs the perfect sound, capturing the essence of ultrasaturated’s vision.

‘Universal Hologram’ is a delightful dive into a dreamy world, where nostalgia meets wonder. ultrasaturated’s ability to create a cohesive and immersive experience with their EP showcases their talent and promises an exciting future for the band.

So, allow yourself to be carried away by the enchanting sounds of ultrasaturated and let their music take you on a journey that sparks the childlike wonder within you.