What are Xbox’s unannounced games coming in 2021?

A couple of unannounced titles may make 2021 the best year for Xbox yet. Find out what games we think are going to be revealed this year.

Jason Ronald, one of the leads behind the Xbox series X, has caused a bit of ruckus in the gaming world. In a recent episode of the Iron Lords podcast, Justin revealed that he was quite excited for some unannounced games in 2021.

Roland is on record stating: “Not all games that are releasing this year have been announced… There are games I’m very excited about”

Xbox Series X

This new information support claims from DICE developer Jez Corden, who said in a recent interview that he knew of  “At least two games – big games – that aren’t on that list, that are coming to Xbox in 2021.”

Naturally, this led avid fans of the console to scour the web, in search of clues as to what these mystery titles could be. The consensus among Redditors is that these mystery titles are new Forza and Wolfenstein games, though those are hardly the only options.

Forza 5

Forza dropped a teaser trailer mid-2020 for an upcoming title said to utilise the full power of the next-gen consoles. That’s right baby, 4k racing at a smooth 60fps with ray-tracing capabilities.


Wolfenstein III

In a PCGamesN interview in 2017, Jerk Gustaffson stated that the third instalment of Wolfenstein’s reboot is entirely dependent on how well Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus performs.

The reception for that title has been positive, so we may be able to kill Mecha-Hitler in 2021.

Wolfenstein II on Xbox
Image: Bethseda

Battlefield 6

A game we would love to see announced is Battlefield 6. Very little is known about this title, however, DICE have confirmed it will be released in Q4 2021 and will feature maps of an “unprecedented scale”.

Given DICE’s own Corden made one of the claims fuelling these rumours, Battlefield 6 seems like a likely possibility.

It has been claimed by reliable leaker Thomas Henderson that Battlefield 6 will be a soft relaunch of the series. DICE aims to bring the series backs to its roots of modern warfare while adding 128-player servers and next-gen destruction.

Furthermore we know that Criterion, the developers behind Need for Speed, have been moved to assist with the upcoming Battlefield title. Criterion was also the lead team for Battlefield V’s battle royale mode, so we may see a reboot of that too.

Very little information is available right now, but things may change on Thursday March 11th. Xbox’s weekly live stream, #XboxOn, usually outlines their topics ahead of time – but mysteriously this Thursday has been left as TBA.

Some fans speculate that this segment may be dedicated to Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethseda, which was finally confirmed by the European Union today.