Xbox Series X first look: ridiculously fast load times and Quick Resume

The Xbox Series X has infinitely higher specs and better performance than its predecessors, meaning quicker load times and inbuilt Quick Resume.

The Xbox Series X is a next-gen console so it’s a no-brainer that it performs better, but sometimes it’s hard to understand just how much better until you see it in action.

Well a bunch of content creators were recently given a hands-on look at the console, so dived into the depths of Reddit and scoured the internet so we can tell you just how much faster you can load your last-gen Xbox One games.

xbox series x

It’s important to note that nobody has been gifted an Xbox Series X with next-gen games onboard – yet. This latest media splash was plainly to showcase how your existing Xbox One games will play on the brand new toy.

Now, what’s that magical device that lets you boot up games faster? Three letters, SSD. The Xbox Series X features an internal SSD for faster load times and smoother gameplay. According to one user, newer and beefier games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order seemed to benefit the most from this improvement.

One annoying thing with the Xbox One was the frustrating loading time between deaths, resumes, restarts, and other load-intensive moments. One Reddit user expressed our shared concerns perfectly:

“I had to wait for the PC version of Jedi Fallen Order because each death was 1min of loading on PS4. I’m glad consoles finally moved away from HDDs…”

It’s truly refreshing seeing that consoles are adapting to the times – classically SSDs have been something PC users have reaped the benefits of. In CNET’s video above, Jeff Bakalar showcased a one-minute startup load for Control on the One X, compared to just 10 seconds on the Series X.

Another pioneering piece of tech (something even PC players don’t have) is Quick Resume, a feature allowing you to quick-swap between two or more active games without having to navigate back to startup screens. Hands-on users revealed they could load up five, six, or even seven games at once on the Xbox Series X with tiny loading delays on Quick Resumes.

Where will you actually use it, though? One application could be playing a quicker-format game while waiting in a multiplayer queue – such as getting in extra attempts on whichever Soulslike boss you’re struggling with between Call of Duty or Halo: Infinite matches.

You can pre-order the Xbox Series X at participating retailers or online.