Unbroken Expanse: “Listeners can definitely expect to keep turning it up to 11”

Jimmi James and Wheezy of the rock trio Unbroken Expanse swing by Happy Mag to chat new single This Feeling. 

Earlier this year, Unbroken Expanse treated us to This Feeling, a perfect blend of rock angst, power, and passion that served as the Northern Territory band’s third release since 2022.

Now having relocated to Melbourne, the trio — comprised of Jimmi James, Jason, Wheezy, and Parko — are poised to bring their atmospheric brand of rock to new audiences. 

Unbroken Expanse 'This Feeling'

In the meantime, Jimmi and Wheezy stopped by Happy Mag to dish on all things This Feeling, the 9-to-5 office hustle, and their promise to “to keep turning it up to 11.”

Read on for our complete interview with Unbroken Expanse, and listen to their new single This Feeling below.  

HAPPY: What are you up to today?

Wheezy: Just been for a shoot around at the local courts before tightening the bolts on 3 new songs I’m working on.

It’s a rare absolute pearler of a winter day out. Not a cloud in the sky, so I’m sitting on my back verandah with a coffee and my housemate’s doggo.

Jimmi: Today, I got up, took a shower and started working. I work from home thankfully 

Unbroken Expanse 'This Feeling'

Parko: The classic 9 to 5 office grind for me. After I clock off, I work for my family business and in between that I do some bookkeeping/admin for my record label Blain Street Records.

HAPPY: Tell us about where you are from? What’s the music scene like in your neck of the woods?

Wheezy: Our hometown Tennant Creek is a small town in the middle of the Northern Territory, the golden heart of the Northern Territory. 

A dusty red dirt town along the Stuart Highway between Alice and Darwin. We are now based between the Tennant Creek Consulate office’s of Victoria and South Australia.

Unbroken Expanse 'This Feeling'

Whilst we were in TC, there was a deep love of and support for community bands who were based in Central Australia, including a good few in our town over the years. Acts produced styles such as hip hop, reggae, surk rock, country, rock, punk, folk and Electronic. 

Also many touring bands that passed through town and played shows were generally well received as it was rare for townsfolk to have the chance to see live original music. 

Jimmi: Tennant Creek, what a place. Music scene was quite minimal being how remote it is, however, there are a few enthusiasts/ music lovers/ musicians around town. We also do get some good cover bands passed through town sometimes. 


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HAPPY: Describe your ultimate day? 

Wheezy: Any day we had a gig. Wake. Call Parko. He pulls up in Frank The Tank. Pick up gear. Bump in. Talk shit with Barry or Jeff (usual soundmen/mates for life). Soundcheck. Eat. Rock the fuck out. Party. Bump out (most of the time). Collapse.

HAPPY: What did you listen to growing up that fuelled your passion for music?

Wheezy: For me, it started with Powderfinger. Then it was a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Living End, AC/DC, Foo Fighters, Blink 182, Tame Impala, FIDLAR, Waax as well as a large chunk of classic rock.

Then as our band formed and began playing with other acts, it was those people and their music that took it to another level. 

HAPPY: With a decade into your recording career, how has the band evolved and grown musically since your self-titled 2013 EP?

Wheezy: Our recording process has certainly been the thing that has grown and evolved the most thanks to our Bass Player Parko’s record label Blain Street records and how he and his team have supported us so well. 

Sonically, our EP was already within the area of the sound we have always aimed for. The next batch of songs being written are still very much within that realm. 

I believe we want to galvanise that sound and experiment with what components really excite us. That and continue to bring in a whole lotta groove.

Jimmi: The band has grown from boys with passions and different tastes in music to brothers who prove to each other and ourselves that nothing can stop us from sticking together and creating what we love. From playing together all these times, we became one. We fed off each other’s energies and learned from each other.

HAPPY: ‘This Feeling’ is your fourth single, and it’s generating quite a buzz. What makes this track stand out from their previous releases?

Wheezy: The arrangement and production plays a huge part separating it from anything we’ve ever done. 

The intro riff is hard on the attack and foreboding as to what the rest of the song holds. I also wrote about simulation and existentialism which I’ve never touched on before. Having a very punchy, catchy shout-out-loud chorus doesn’t hurt either. 

Jimmi: This is a product of passion! What you see is what you get. It is a piece that came together from stories, what we have experience, and how everything around us evolved around us as well.


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HAPPY: Having released several singles over the years, how does ‘This Feeling’ reflect the current state of Unbroken Expanse’s artistic vision and growth?

Wheezy:The sound and logistics of the recording and its promotion of This Feeling is as close to our vision and growth as we’ve been. 

We have had many learning curves and through those, the band members have adapted and educated themselves on many aspects of performing, the industry, music law and the game in general. We’re in it for the long run. We’ll do what it takes ro make it work.

HAPPY: The band’s name, Unbroken Expanse, suggests a sense of vastness and openness. How does this concept translate into your music and lyrics?

Wheezy: That was the intention when Jimmi coined the name. There has been an element of atmospheric energy that has crept its way into the landscape since Jimmi has expanded his pedal situation.

But our overall sound has always felt like freedom to me. The freedom to make the sound we want. The freedom that we grew to take our show to wherever we wanted. And freedom is abundant where we come from.

Jimmi: The name is a big part of what we are as people and the place where it all began. The possibility is endless. Nothing can stop us. Like something vast with nothing in between. 

HAPPY: As listeners, what can we expect from Unbroken Expanse in the future? Are there any hints about upcoming projects or new musical directions they might explore?

Wheezy: I can only speak for myself, but there will be more varied themes, imagery and experimentation than I have tried in terms of crafting songs than in the past. 

I will be dedicating a couple of solid months to writing about the past 18 months and what I have experienced in life. Listeners can definitely expect to keep turning it up to 11.

Jimmi: There are things coming. Stay tuned!


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HAPPY: What makes you happy?

Wheezy: My son, Elvis. My family. My band boys. My life. Playing gigs to happy crowds. Going to gigs with happy crowds. Watching The Office and eating Pizza. Summer.

Jimmi: When the crowd sings our songs with us during live shows.