Valheim: the 5 best weapons and how to craft them

Valheim: the 5 best weapons and how to craft them

Valheim does a great job of giving you lots of things to kill, so we made a shortlist of the best weapons for the job.

Over the last three weeks, Valheim has taken the world by storm. The game has already hit 500,000 concurrent players on Steam, beaten only by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It’s been a grind, but players have already dug up some of the best weapons Valheim has on offer.

Treacherous foes of all colours, shapes, and sizes fill Valheim’s vast map. Lurking in every dungeon, cliffside, and meadow is a beast that would rather see you dead. If you plan to venture outside of the cosy confines of your base, you better be armed to the teeth.

Player wielding a Porcupine mace.


Arguably the best Valheim weapon, the Frostner hammer touts not only some serious damage, but also some serious buffs. This one-handed beast will dish out 95 damage (40 Frost, 20 Spirit and 35 Blunt) and offer the player a knockback stat of 120.

Spirit damage is particularly effective against spookybois such as draugr and wraiths as they’re vulnerable to that damage type. On top of that, frost damage is extra effective against enemies who are wet. The weapon also seems to drain stamina from non-frost type enemies.

You also get a pretty cool visual effect when you hold the hammer, so extra style points for that.

To craft this you’ll need 10 ancient bark, 30 silver, 5 freeze glands and 5 ymir flesh.

Ancient bark is dropped from ancient trees found in the swamp biome. Silver is found in the mountain biome. You will need to defeat the third boss, Bonemass, before you can mine it.

Freeze glands are dropped by drakes in the mountain biome. Meanwhile ymir flesh can only be acquired through Valheim’s travelling vendor, Haldor. You’ll first need to find him, which is a mission on its own. Haldor sells Ymir pelts for 120 coins per pelt, so you’ll need 600 coins.

The Frostner Hammer Valheim
Image: IGN


Getting its namesake due to its spiky appearance, this mace will deal out similar numbers to the Frostner while being a hell of a lot easier to obtain. The Porcupine does a mix of blunt and piercing damage, making it highly useful against fleshy targets such as trolls.

To craft this you will need 5 fine wood, 20 iron, 5 needles, and 10 linen threads.

Fine wood can be acquired from birch or oak trees if you use a bronze axe or higher. After you’ve defeated the Elder you can explore the sunken crypts. Here you will find scrap iron. Put this in your smelter to turn it into iron bars. Needles are dropped from deathsquitos mobs in the plains biome.

To make linen thread you will need to have crafted an artisan table and a spinning wheel. To craft an artisan table you will need to have killed Moder, the fourth boss.

Once you have crafted those structures, head to the plains biome. Once you get there, start searching for ‘fuling villages’ – these are small towns guarded by small goblin-like creatures called fuling. Once you have killed them all, search the ground for flax seeds. You’ll then need to cultivate these seeds on your farm. Once your seeds have sprouted, take the flax to the spinning wheel and you can craft linen thread.

Sounds easy right?

Porcupine mace mounted on Wall
Image: Harsh Clif

Abyssal Harpoon

The Abyssal Harpoon is a one-of-a-kind weapon. Its attributes are pretty sub-par, in fact, only dealing 10 pierce damage. Why is it on the list then? Well, its specific use is for hunting sea serpents. Players can attach the harpoon to these magnificent beasts and use their boats to tow them to shore. There you can harvest their scales to craft some rare items.

But that’s not why it made the list. Players can actually attach their friends to the harpoon and, if you get the technique right, you can launch them into the freaking stratosphere. Not only is this straight-up hilarious to do with friends, but this can be used as an effective way to travel ore quickly across long distances.

Hot tip: Valheim’s fall damage caps at 100. You can easily have your health exceed the total damage if you do this while well-fed.

To craft the Abyssal Harpoon you will need 8 fine wood, 30 chitin, and 3 leather scraps. I’ve already covered how to get fine wood and if you don’t know how to get leather scraps yet, Odin help you.

Chitin is found by mining abyssal barnacles found on small floating islands in the sea. These islands are actually living leviathans that will become rather irate when you tread all over their backsides. Once they become really pissed off they will begin to sink into the ocean, and if you find yourself on the back of one as they do so, you will be eaten.

To avoid death, make sure to park your boat close enough to the leviathan that you can jump back once they start to sink.

Joint Viking space missions between NASA and SpaceX from valheim

Silver Sword

The silver sword may sound rather bland compared to its mythical counterparts, but what it lacks in prestige, it makes up for in raw damage output.

A level one silver sword puts 105 total damage (75 slash and 30 spirit). This makes it great for fleshy targets as well as undead-type enemies.

To craft the silver sword you will need 2 wood, 40 silver, 3 leather scraps, and 5 iron. Although the weapon is quite resource-heavy, I found it far easier to acquire the components for this then the Frostner or Porcupine.

A player wielding a Silver Sword in Valheim
Image: PCGamesN

Draugr Fang

The Draugr Fang is the only bow in the game that deals poison damage. So not only can you pump out some serious piercing damage, but you will also deal damage over time while debuffing your foe.

To craft this slick-looking weapon you will need 10 ancient bark, 2 deer hide, 20 silver, and 10 guck.

Guck is found in glowing green guck sacks in the swamp biome. To harvest the guck you will need to destroy the sacks with a melee weapon. The sacks are almost always elevated, so you will need to craft a platform to get yourself high enough to the sacks.

Player wielding a Draugr Bow in Valheim
Image: Ginx TV

We hope this handy little guide will make it slightly easier for you to hack, slash, and slam your way through Valheim.