Valheim: why everyone's playing this viral Viking hit

Valheim: why everyone’s playing this viral Viking hit

A brand new Nordic survival exploration game has taken the internet by storm, but how? Find out why everyone’s talking about Valheim. 

If you’ve logged onto Twitter recently, you would have seen a lot of buzz surrounding Valheim, an early access Nordic survival game that has players crafting, battling, and exploring a mysterious, procedurally generated world.

Just one week after release, the game is toting an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ review score on Steam, as well as comfortably sitting within the top ten sellers on the platform.

Screenshot from Valheim.
Image: u/dvoidis

Streamers are also having heaps of fun with the new title from Iron Gate. At the time of writing, the game has pulled a peak of 127,141 concurrent viewers on Twitch. So what is all the fuss about?

Firstly, it’s an early access game that actually works – a breath of fresh Nordic air in comparison to the bullshit gamers have had to put up with to get their survival fix in recent times. I’m looking at you, No Man’s Sky.

The game isn’t flawless by any means, but the bugs are so sparse and the experience itself so enjoyable that they aren’t part of the rhetoric.

Drawing upon Norse mythology for its story, the player takes control of a fallen warrior who, at Odin’s behest, has been transported to the 10th realm to slay Odin’s most feared nemesis. Being the little Odin simp that you are, you do so without complaints.

How you choose to slay the several bosses scattered throughout the map is up to you. The game allows players vast amounts of freedom to tackle these tasks. Want to rush the final boss with a pickaxe wearing nothing more than a loincloth? Go for it. Want to spend a few days gathering supplies with friends and building a mega-base? By all means. Don’t like people and want to sail off into the distance for some isolated fishing? The world is your oyster.

Screenshot of the sweeping hills in Valheim.
Image: Iron Gate

At its core, Valheim is an enjoyable and stable game. The developers are responsive and are actively communicating with the player base on their plans for the future, which players can easily track through the roadmap on their website.

We suggest you pick up Valheim at its current price, as devs have signalled that the cost will be raised once more features are added.

Anyway enough talking. Let’s go tame some boars. Check out Valheim on Steam.