Vanilla Gorilla open up a new world of psych madness on ‘Dreamer’

Vanilla Gorilla craft the kind of tunes you can fall into. The prolific Northern NSW outfit have spent the past number of years developing an ocean of sounds — it’s woozy psychedelia that transcends all concepts of time and space; the kind of music that leaves you feeling completely disorientated… in the best way possible.

With the release of their latest EP Dreamer, the group continue on their journey to break down sonic barriers and deliver truly hypnotic, transcendental psych-rock wizardry.

Northern NSW outfit Vanilla Gorilla are back with Dreamer; a five-track collection of searing, transcendental psych-rock gems.

The new EP kicks into gear with Seasons; a five-minute behemoth that immediately establishes the sheer scope of the band’s sound. It flips seamlessly between woozy psychedelia and hard-hitting, riff-driven blues-rock. The EP’s second track, Can’t Ignore, sees the band lean more heavily into these bluesy territories. Each verse is framed by an escalating guitar solo, building steadily into an explosion of sonic madness.

Blessed Indeed is the EP’s greatest showcase of the band’s musical versatility. Incorporating more reggae and dub-inspired sounds, this track feels distinctly unique in the EP’s psych-rock setting, but still ties into the band’s overarching musical vision.

By the time closing track Dancing In The Clouds reaches its final moments, you’ll have been roped in completely by Vanilla Gorilla’s expansive blend of sounds.

Dreamer is the third EP we’ve heard from Vanilla Gorilla in just over 12 months. With such a constant and consistently high output of music, we’re sure that plenty more great tunes are on the way.

In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above.