First koalas are heading home after intensive care following Aussie bushfires

Here’s a little more wholesome news during these tough times. The first koalas who were saved in the recent Australian bushfires are being released back into their natural habitats.

Their release follows months of constant medical care and nurturing. With the bushfire season finally coming to an end, the koalas are being released back into their homes, with some even being taken back to the exact spot they were found.

Facebook: Science for Wildlife

The first koalas are being returned to their natural habitats following the 2019/2020 Australian bushfire crisis.

Sydney based, non-profit group, Science for Wildlife, have begun to release the newly healed koalas. Twelve koalas have already been released in the Blue Mountains following their intensive care at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo.

The executive director of Science for Wildlife, Dr Kellie Leigh, described in a statement: “While they have coped well in care, we are delighted to finally send our koalas home. We have been busy assessing the burnt area that we rescued them from, to establish when the conditions have improved enough that the trees can support them again.”

“The recent rains have helped and there is now plenty of new growth for them to eat, so the time is right,” she continued. “We will be radio-tracking them and keeping a close eye on them to make sure that they settle in OK.”

Many koalas have also been released in other parts of New South Wales, with Port Macquarie Koala hospital returning their first koala home on the 2nd of April. Sue Ashton, president of the hospital, stated: “This is a heart-warming day for us – to be able to release so many of our koalas back to their original habitats, even to their original tree in some cases – makes us very happy.”

All up, 26 koalas are set to be released from the hospital in the next few days.