VASSY delivers debut single, “Krazy” a drop of dance excellence to elevate your Friday!

VASSY, steps into her solo spotlight with ‘Krazy,’ promising an electrifying musical journey ahead.

In a move that’s been eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike, VASSY, the powerhouse singer-songwriter from Down Under, is taking charge of her solo career.

You might recall her from the huge hit “Bad,” a collaboration with none other than David Guetta, or perhaps from the catchy beats of “Secrets” alongside Tiësto. But VASSY’s journey is more than just successful collaborations; it’s a testament to staying authentic.


Originally from the serene town of Darwin, Australia, she made the leap to the heart of the music scene in Los Angeles, armed with nothing but her talent and determination. The result? An artist who’s made her mark in the world of dance music.

VASSY’s upcoming single, “Krazy,” dropping on September 22nd under the renowned Spinnin’ Records label, promises to be nothing short of electrifying. With a track record that includes 8 #1 hits on US Billboard Dance, 20 Platinum Certifications, and over 3 billion streams, she’s no stranger to the spotlight. Let’s not forget, she clinched the prestigious 2023 EDMA Icon Award, a testament to her lasting influence on the dance music scene.

In VASSY’s own words, “Krazy” is more than just a song—it’s cathartic chaos, a liberating anthem symbolising the hurdles she’s overcome in her career. It’s a fitting follow-up to her recent smash “Pieces” and the global sensation “Bad,” which garnered a staggering 2 billion streams and topped charts in over 30 countries.

Teaming up with Spinnin’ Records, a subsidiary of Warner Music Group, VASSY is set to prove that she’s more than capable of delivering chart-toppers as a solo act. This release marks the beginning of a series of tracks with Spinnin’, showcasing an artist who’s reclaiming her spotlight with renewed vigour.

And that’s not all. Alongside the fantastic audio experience, fans can look forward to a cutting-edge music video to complement the track. It’s just one more way that VASSY is forging ahead, pushing boundaries in her ever-evolving career.

So, let’s hear it for VASSY because “Krazy” is about to make some serious waves in the dance music world, and this is one artist that is here to remind us all that true artistry knows no limits.