Watch Vast Hill slay their unreleased tune Lonely Street, live at Enmore Audio

Recently we opened the doors of Enmore Audio to Vast Hill, who laid down a hypnotic version of their unreleased tune Lonely Street.

Vast Hill are undoubtedly one of our favourite new bands kicking around Sydney right now, a synth-pop duo distilling all the best bits of the ’80s into a slick, modern feel. Check out their performance below – the proof is in the pudding.

vast hill lonely street live at enmore audio general pants

Not long ago we invited Vast Hill, one of our favourite new bands, into Enmore Audio for a killer performance of Lonely Street. Behold.

Before laying down their track, Elle and Adin even divulged the genesis of their band name – something they’d never been asked before. “Vast Hill was basically our password that Dodo gave us for our internet, it was vasthill835”, shared Elle, before Adin interjected:

“But it’s not our password anymore, so don’t be using it to get into our WiFi.” 

Lonely Street is the opening track to Vast Hill’s upcoming debut album, what’s sure to be a tome of many more synth-heavy bangers. Keep an ear to the ground for more news from that front – but until then, check out the band’s performance above.


Special thanks to General Pants for the threads.