Vauus exudes the energy of Aussie youth on new single ‘Boy’

Up-and-coming indie artist Vauus has been busy creating music over recent months. 

Now, the eclectic creative has just released a brand new single, Boy, and this track is everything that you want to hear and more. 


A synth-filled indie-pop banger, Boy proves that Vauus is well and truly one to watch.

Boy exudes the fast-paced and hedonism-fuelled life that we lead throughout our youth, breathing new life to Australia’s indie-dance catalogue. Vauus has also released an accompanying video clip which combines the authentic millennial experience of love, conflict, heartbreak, laughter, parties, and drug-fuelled escapades in one neon visual delight. 

Dance-worthy synths and disco-style guitar create a bouncing groove within the track, energising you and forcing movement throughout the song’s entire duration, inviting you to listen over and over and over again. 

Vauus’ unique energy and sonic delivery can be compared to Brisbane band Last Dinosaurs, mirroring the way that their tracks can totally take over your body. This is not background music; it’s the type of song that demands to be heard and moved to.

Boy was recorded and produced by Vauus in his bedroom and mixed and mastered by Malcolm Besley of Australian treasures, Northeast Party House, giving it an edge worthy of every dancefloor in Australia. Of the song’s unique context, Vauus stated:

“Boy is about a time when I was going out a lot to this Melbourne club, Revolver, and when a girl I was in love with came home from overseas and we shared a crazy weekend together. It’s about being young and in love and overthinking everything. It was a time where I was filled with a lot of self-doubt, but also a lot of love.”

Not only is Vauus a tremendous musical talent, but is also a talented filmmaker and his visual skills have shone through on the video clip. With a visual aesthetic which is as exceptional as his sound, this artist is going places and going there fast.