Vegan KitKat test success leads to Europe-wide launch

The short test run of vegan KitKat has been so successful, that Nestlé is starting production with 300 tons of the chocolate, and room to produce more!

Vegan is becoming the new norm, and vegan chocolate is no exception. After successful test launches in the UK, Australia and New Zealand last year, Nestlé has announced they will be rolling out their Vegan KitKat, called KitKat V, to stores later this year. (Sorry, Aus and NZ. At this time, it doesn’t include you).

The response from consumers has been so overwhelmingly positive, that Nestlé is set to launch KitKat V at a much wider scale, rolling it out across 15 European countries.

Vegan KitKat V
Credit: Nestle

Developed over the course of two years, after sampling many non-dairy options, the milk-based original KitKat is replaced by a rice-based alternative. It still offers the crispy wafer, but sorry celiacs, it’s not gluten-free. Fingers crossed that will be addressed at a later date! The vegan treat also has an 18 percent lower carbon footprint than its traditional milk chocolate KitKat, due to its plant-based ingredients.

Corrine Gabler, Head of Confectionery for Nestlé is excited by the prospects of bringing plant-based sweets into the mainstream: “We are seeing a strong trend in food with more people looking for plant-based options, including treats. This is one of the biggest launches ever of a vegan alternative of a major confectionery brand and it shows our confidence in this trend. We are delighted to offer KitKat V to all those fans out there who asked us to make it happen.”

Here is where you can find the vegan KitKat

The new vegan KitKat will be produced at Nestlé’s confectionery site in Hamburg, Germany. It will be sold in 15 countries across Europe, including Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, and the Netherlands.

No news yet on the Vegan KitKat coming to Australia, but we’re sure they are not far away. Nestlé has shared the following: While we have no current plans this year for KITKAT V in Australia and New Zealand, you can keep up to date with all things KITKAT by checking in with the KITKAT Facebook page.” Check out their page here.