Aussie Twitter tells ScoMo he isn’t invited to Victoria’s kick-ons with #NoBeersForScotty

Aussie Twitter bans ScoMo from “getting on the beers” to celebrate the end of Victoria’s lockdown with the trending #NoBeersForScotty.

Following Victorian Premier Dan Andrews‘ recent iconic moment where he confirmed Victorians “can finally get on the beers” due to the easing of their longwinded COVID-19 lockdown, Twitter has now banned ScoMo from joining in on the bevvies with #NoBeersForScotty.

The trending Twitter hashtag arose after Premier Andrews announced the end of Victoria’s stage-four lockdown on Monday, leading one reporter to ask: “Can I confirm you are saying we can finally get on the beers?” 

#NoBeersForScotty ScoMo Victoria lockdown
Photo: Speed Media/Rex/Shutterstock via The Guardian

It was then that the Victorian Premier humorously responded: “I don’t know that I’ll be drinking a beer tonight. I might go a little higher up the shelf.”

Following this, ScoMo uploaded a video to Twitter congratulating Victorians, as well as Premier Andrews, for having come out the other side of what was, by all accounts, a brutal but necessary lockdown.

“I said right at the outset going into this lockdown, Australia will only succeed if Victoria succeeds,” ScoMo said.

“And you are succeeding, and that’s a result of your efforts. So now, Melbourne and Victoria can safely re-open, and we need to ensure that Victoria stays safely open.”

However, things quickly backfired when Twitter got a hold of the video and started #NoBeersForScotty, mocking ScoMo for his continued discouragement of Premier Andrews’ globally applauded decision to lockdown Victoria for 111 days to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Liberal MP, Tim Smith also copped a Twitter-flogging after attempting to call out Premier Andrews for “gloating”, using a photo of four donuts to represent the “800 Victorians who died in the second wave caused by his hotel quarantine fiasco”. 

Smith works fast, but Twitter works faster, and the Tweet was branded as #donutdick only an hour after being posted, due to the donut arrangement’s apparent likeness to said appendage. Behold!

Twitter also went for the Murdoch press, venting frustrations about the NewsCorp’s biased and unhelpful coverage of Melbourne’s lockdown with #NoBeersForNewsCorp trending alongside.

NewsCorp journalists have been accused of fabricating information about the mental health of Victorians during the lockdown, as well as undermining the response of Victoria’s state government through the politicisation of small business, and allegedly publishing fake news about the danger (or lack thereof) of COVID-19.