This week's Vid O' the Week is from Kaja Gunnufsen

Vid O' the Week – Kaja Gunnufsen

Kaja Gunnufsen is an electonic pop princess from Oslo, Norway. Although, forget the sugary sweetness that that description probably conjured up. This girl is straight up, undiluted and unpretentious in the way she presents both herself and her music. She’s got the solo female with a piano act down, similar to Sia I guess, if she’d been born in Eastern Europe.

Kaja GunnufsenNorwegian artist Kaja Gunnufsen has created a narrative of bizzare imagery within the mundane. Check out this week’s Choice Vid.

I found Kaja’s video to Au today, which was filmed entirely in black and white on the number 12 train in Oslo. The director Torfinn R. Sanderud has taken probably one of the most mundane physical settings and twisted its reality meter, ‘til the dial landed somewhere between relateable and downright surreal.

Torfinn reflects on the video, saying: “It’s the first I’ve ever had a technical approach to a music video. It started very simple, and the idea was to shot a time lapse video with lip sync on a crowded tram on a Saturday night in Oslo with the artist, Kaja. It kind of evolved from there, being inspired by all those small things that happen between people on a tram and different kind of feelings and thematics.

Attraction, anxiety, urbanization, the fast pace of our time. My focus was that the narratives should try and overshadow the technique. It was written like a stream of consciousness and we shot it before we had time to analyze it too much. It’s more fun analyzing it later sometimes. Like dream interpretation!”

I think the result is really beautiful and really on-point. Most public transport trips blur into a mish mash of the mundane, but some are noticeably odd – with some kind of subtle and inexplicable connection between those on board. This one belongs to the latter!



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