Vid O'The Week: Spookyland- Rock and Roll Weakling

Here a lone man stands, open to the calamity he may face in a world where aggression and masculinity are at times a testament to earning your rightful place. Two fists at the ready, but can anything ever prepare you for the lashings you will endure, by those that feel threatened by your efforts to break the boundaries?

It amazes me how the incredibly harsh, shaky and pained voice of Spookyland is so pleasantly captivating. It must be that balance of hostility and vulnerability that allows the raw and heartbreaking emotions to shine through as a solemn spirit, grabbing us by the heart as we are both forced to face the experience of being continually  shut down and regenerated.


What better way to wrap up Spookyland’s EP Tour than to celebrate the brutality and triumph of an accomplished music video. Simply brilliant.

Rock and Roll Weakling is the second release from Spookyland’s EP. The unbreakable and vibrant combination of the harmonica, vocals and acoustic guitar is utterly sublime. The surging percussions which end is an explosion of instrumentals represents the undying strength and fight within the track. It is also symbolic of the boxing bells as Spookyland steps into the ring to take on another blow to the face, with his ego remaining intact-at least on the inside we hope .

Expect blood, lots of it, and lots of sweat too, but there is not a tear in sight -feel the wrath unleashed as the antagonist throws some deadly punches at Spookyland. In a state of conflict, it’s like you wish you were in amongst the crowd dancing to this feel good rock and roll track, but you can’t help but feel for frontman Marcus Gordon as the crowd swarm into the band, destroying everything insight ( the poor drum!).

If it’s any consolation, the straight and oppressed  face he holds throughout the video finally breaks as the crowd forces him to lighten up, shoving him around so he would enjoy his own bloody song! Make of it what you will regarding the ending- it could be happy, it could be sad, the protagonist will learn his fate one way or another.

Want to know what else you can expect from his EP? Check out a review of Rock and Roll Weakling we wrote here! Have you got it in you to check out the video? It’s intense. The ultimate music video to match the powerfully unique talent of Spookyland can do no wrong.

Spookyland has reached the last leg of his Rock and Roll Weakling EP tour so don’t miss out! Here’s the details you need to know:

Friday 19th Sept 8pm- Goodgod Small Club

$10 + BF/ $15 at the door. Buy tix at Oztix.