Video premiere from Hein Cooper with The Art Of Escape

If you’ve had a hectic few days since returning from your four day weekend, we have just the thing for you. Life can be stressful and what better way to chill out than by sinking into Hein Cooper‘s lusciously rich falsetto whilst simultaneously feasting your eyes on a montage of crashing waves, Sydney’s city skyline at sunset and Cooper’s own silhouette plucking softly at a guitar. Kick back and check out the brand new clip for The Art of Escape.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 4.21.09 pm

Close those eyes* and escape from the horrors of mid-week madness with Hein Cooper and his beautifully simple clip for The Art of Escape. 

Hein Cooper has had a pretty awesome start to a relatively short career. It’s an age-old story, really. He was picked up while playing a gig at a small pub on the South Coast of NSW by Franz Schueller, manager of Half Moon Run, and was immediately flown to Montreal (in Canada) to write and record some tracks, where he was also signed to Indica Records. Pretty much fulfilling every young musician’s dream with relative ease and in only a few months, Hein Cooper came back to Australia to play shows with Half Moon Run and Thelma Plum, then returned again to Canada to play Canadian Music Week and record his debut EP (with Marcus Paquin – who has worked with Arcade Fire and The National).

Back now in his homeland, he is armed with a bunch of spanking new tracks. The lead single is The Art of Escape, a melancholy ballad with tinges of Jose Gonzalez. The video is a calming montage of landscapes, colours, and textures flickering in and out of Cooper’s silhouette as he plucks his guitar and croons about “displaced beings” and “idealistic dreaming.” As the track is enveloped in ominous sound the montage begins to slow and intensify, with sparks and flickering flames engulfing the silhouette. Then all goes black.

Speaking about his process in creating the clip, Cooper says: “I wanted to reflect a whole lot of different elements in my life through this clip. I wanted it to be more of a broad overveiw of love/pain, nature/city, fast/slow, success/failure etc etc (basically all of the different layers of existing). And I wanted people to perceive me by these characteristics rather than by my actual physical appearance. So Ed Triglone (the director/producer) and I decided it would be best to go out and shoot a load of footage with this in mind and embody this footage into my silhouette.”

It’s a simple technique, but one that suits the track perfectly.

Hein Cooper’s debut, self-titled EP is out April 10th through Indica/MGM. He has just wrapped up some shows with Donovan Frankenreiter and Bonjah and is about to head back to Canada. Let’s hope he’ll be back soon.

*Ed. Editorial would like to point out that this is a video premiere and your instruction of closing our eyes and watching the video is what Dr. Who would call a paradox.