Video Premiere + Q&A: Gordi – Nothing’s As It Seems

Shining light upon your hidden darkness within, this latest gift to you from a rising musician is truly a vivid spectacle that must be seen and heard to feel its fullest intensity. It is in the gentle breeze, that the whispery voice of Gordi appears, making her presence known and worthy of your praise, for she only makes your life better.


Gordi’s latest track Nothing’s As It Seems, powerfully translates onto the screen in telling its vivid tale of resolving an inner conflict – ambient nostalgia awaits.

Sydney’s very own indie-folk, singer-songwriter, Gordi, and her latest single Nothing’s As It Seems, sees her taking a dive into a more technologically saturated sound- a new confident and textured sound that maintains her folk roots. As divine as her first EP, this track which embodies a new beginning with this heavenly freshness, was produced by Benjamin McCarthy (Megan WashingtonKate Miller-Heidke). This is Gordi’s first release since her Away EP of 2013.

The 21-year-old from Regional NSW, who balances her musical career with medicine studies at university, draws musical influences from classic folk artists like Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Paul Kelly to the modern equivalents of Ásgeir, The Tallest Man on Earth and Laura Marling. Her vocals also carry this delicate and graceful tone, sharing a close resemblance to Birdy.

Nothing’s As It Seems is a simply stunning track – it captures this ambience of angelic nostalgia only attainable though youth, for when they reflect on the past everything tends to seem dramatic and dreamlike. The crisp guitar strumming, powerful hum of warped chorus-like harmonies and picturesque lyricism, consumes you in this unbreakable warmth – her fragility and honesty hushes her surroundings.

The flicking futuristic synth pads, which soar and touch back down, adds this fourth dimension to Nothing’s As It Seems, as it defies gravity entering into the spiritual world and is grounded to the physical reality by its humility – this reflects the song’s constant battle between how we perceive our emotions and what they really are. These electronic elements create a path for you to launch yourself and break free from your self- inflicted hostage situation.

This colour saturated video, which alternates between two scenes evoking contrasting emotions when situated in them, adds to that surreal facade. The upbeat and blissful track, up against a slow motion and vibrantly coloured music video, will be sure to delight your senses. The video highlights this strong conflict, but not in a cliched and explicit way – it’s rather cryptic and unassuming, but ever present.

Happy: Where did you film the music video?

Gordi: The video was filmed in Sydney in two locations –  in the abandoned Dunlop factory in Alexandria and on a cliff face at Dover Heights.

Happy: What is Nothing’s As It Seems about?

Gordi: The track reflects on the differences between how we actually feel, and the way we convince ourselves to hide that from the people around us. It’s about how we hope to get lost in the hurry of life, rather than wait for a darker reality.

Happy: What’s the meaning behind the video concept?

Gordi: The video looks at two different locations – one is the abandoned warehouse where the clip starts and I’m tied to a chair. Though it seems like I’m trapped in some awful circumstances, eventually I can find a way out of it. But the clip ends with me tying myself to the same chair in a beautiful spot at Dover Heights looking out over the ocean.

In contrast to the warehouse scene, here I’m trapped in what seems like a good situation. So I guess the message is that things can be very different from what they appear – or maybe just that nothing’s as it seems…

The opening of the video tries to achieve that stark contrast between the two scenes. The whole thing was filmed in double time, so we could slow it down and emphasise the struggle and emotions that really drive home the meaning behind the song.

Happy: How did you find the filming process?

Gordi: The filming was lots of fun. It took about 12 hours start to finish with an early start to catch the sun rise and a few drinks at 5pm to finish!

Happy: Gordi, what makes you happy?

Gordi: My family, my friends and good music.

Gordi’s next EP is set to be released early 2015, so for now she will be performing a series of shows in support of Nothing’s As It Seems. Gordi continues to grow as an artist as she proves she’s got what it takes to compete amongst the greats.

Wednesday 22nd October – Goodgod Small Club, Sydney – Official Single Launch- Buy tix here!

Friday 24th October – Station Bar, Katoomba, NSW

Saturday 25th October – Sydney Craft Beer Week, Carriageworks, Redfern, NSW

w/ Lupa J

Sunday 26th October – Sydney Craft Beer Week, Carriageworks, Redfern, NSW

supporting Husky



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