Video Premiere: Grayson Gilmour – Silence and Youth

The music of New Zealand’s indie scene – home to the now legendary Flying Nun label – has been described as music for sipping tea and smoking buges to. Mostly by me, as this is what I feel like doing when I listen to artists like The 3D’s, Tall Dwarfs and of course The Clean. This activity of consuming the marijuanas is relatively applicable to the latest work from Grayson Gilmour, yet it sounds a little like someone’s spiked the tea.

grayson gilmour

Get your first look at Grayson Gilmour‘s latest video for Silence and Youth – only here on Happy.

The Wellington musician’s fifth album, Infinite Life! came out way back in march, showing a more mature and experimental side to the artist. Recorded in underground bank vaults and windy attics in between piecing together film scores, the album explored how textural a pop song can be, with analogue delays shimmering throughout the record and Gilmour’s undeniably pop-centric voice at the fore of the record.

Silence And Youth has finally gotten the Kubrik-esque video treatment that it’s deserved, and while it might be a cliché to have a tripped out space themed video to spaced out trippy pop music, the animation and art direction from Jesse Taylor Smith (who has worked with Pond, Saskwatch & more) and Jenna Eriksen respectively really makes this vid stand out from the crowd.

Mesmerisingly shot entirely in those weird x-ray colour schemes, Silence and Youth‘s visual interpretation comes from the same guys who created the vid for Minus Times Infinity which takes the same off-kilter, tongue in cheek vibe and applies it to a tale of paper-mache dragons. It’s also definitely worth a watch.

Grayson Gilmour’s album is currently available for purchase on Bandcamp – at the time of writing there were only a handful of 12″ records left so all you vinyl weirdos out there should hurry down to grab your outdated, easily breakable, clumsy to carry, grooved discs.