Video Premiere: Adelaide’s Purée drop music video for I Guess You Were Right

With a track that explores subtle rejection, Purée make sure their love for one another is palpable through the screen

A bright indie-rock tune with a heartfelt core marks the newest single from Adelaide four piece Purée. Written from the perspective of one that feels left behind in a relationship, ‘I Guess You Were Right’ dives into the pain, rather than swimming against it.

Allowing the emotions to move through and eventually on, the band shine a light on their own collective companionship in the accompanying music video.

Contrasting the melancholic lyrics with an upbeat sonic surround, Purée again play with the dichotomy of love and loss through their imagery.

With the band looking fashionable in their wife-beaters and vintage trousers, the group settle into their respective instruments as they each appear in and out of frame.

Bringing the energy of their live show to the screen, seeing the band play as if for an audience only increases the sensation brought on by the 80s-infused intro, and the Spacey Jane-esque explosion of sound that breaks open the track.

Strong, gravelly vocals and genius song-writing and production all sit nicely with this high quality video, every tattoo and guitar string visible.

Surrounded by vintage furniture – including a tube television that features black and white static images of a girl in a dress – the band set a visual tone of longing, which proves most effective during the broken-hearted chorus.

Purée’s collective presence and artistry are tangible, their comfortability in performing and in being together clear.

‘I Guess You Were Right’ is more than just an excellent song; it’s the entry point to watch a band that have something special, and where that leads them next.

It’s impossible not to like this track, just like it’s impossible not to be charmed by the young men in the music video.

Aesthetically pleasing on multiple counts, from the fashion to the set design to the movement of the band themselves, ‘I Guess You Were Right’ is a marker of good art.

Watch the music video above and listen to ‘I Guess You Were Right’ below.