The dreamy, synth-pop sounds of Vinted Vineer are on tour

Vinted Vineer, Meanjin’s rising psychedelic pop band, is set to bring their signature dreamy tunes to the East Coast

Get ready to be swept away by the dreamy, synth-pop sounds of Vinted Vineer, the Meanjin band that’s set to hit the East coast. Their music is like a warm hug on a cold day, a sonic escape from the ordinary that’ll leave you feeling happy as hell.

Dominic Ritchie and Charles Normoyle, the masterminds behind Vinted Vineer, have crafted a sound that’s both nostalgic and fresh. Their debut EP, released in March, showcased their knack for creating catchy melodies and infectious rhythms.

vinted vener

Joined by band mates Koen Yashida-Martin (bass), Matt Appleton (synth), and Theo Lang (drums), they’ve been touring relentlessly ever since, leaving a trail of smitten fans in their wake.

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Their live performances, characterized by their charismatic stage presence and undeniable musical chemistry, further cement their status as a must-see act.

Vinted Vineer is maintaining their creative momentum, which began with the self titled EP and respective tunes “Quarks” and “Crystal Courage.” In preparation for their live performances, listen to their dreamy psych-infused sounds below.


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“Quarks,” a love-infused track, echoes the ethereal vibes of Tame Impala meeting Air, with captivating guitar riffs towards the end that linger long after the song fades.

Meanwhile, “Crystal Courage” stands as a modern pop gem, skillfully balancing on the edge of psych-infused territory, with dark synths adding an edgy sophistication. Lyrically introspective, it’s the kind of music that sparks all-night conversations, evoking the spirit of John Lennon engaging in a chinwag with Sydney’s very own The Lazy Eyes.

Vinted Vineer is set to take the stage in Sydney for a night of immersive music. Prepare to be swept away by their dreamy synth-pop sounds.

Mark your calendars and don’t miss out on this must-see performance!

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