Violent Soho just shut down a scummy scalper hard, offering up the tix for free instead

Breach the topic of scalping with anyone in the music industry, and what you’ll get is some kind of rage-fuelled word vomit about the seven circles of hell, bottom-feeding and the scum of the earth. Fact is, nobody likes scalpers and everything they do.

Violent Soho have played a strong move in the great war against scalping, taking the game into their own hands as soon as they caught a couple of their Christmas show tix online for a hefty pricetag.

violent Soho ticket scalping ticket scalpers

If you find a couple of your tickets being scalped online, what do you do? Violent Soho have shown us all the best way to deal with scalpers.

Upon finding them online, Soho refunded the scalper’s tickets and decided to give them away to a couple of lucky fans instead.

Check out their post below, and be sure to comment if you’re keen on those tickets.

Here’s the gig they’re talking about. Poster by the talented Scotty Williams, who we spoke to just yesterday!