VOIID aren’t pulling any punches about their position in the music biz

In regards to their music, Brisbane four-piece VOIID make two guarantees:

  1. Their hellish shrieking will melt your fucking face.
  2. It will also make your boyfriend cry.

With a fierce and remorseless brand of garage punk, VOIID are here to scream profanities and make no apologies about it.

Photo: Alex Wall

As International Women’s Day kicks off in 2018, VOIID are here to tell you about the female experience in the Aussie music scene.

Made up of Anji Greenwood on vocals, Kate McGuire on lead guitar, Antonia Hickey on bass and Jasmine Cannon on drums, VOIID wear their influences on their sleeves.

We draw inspiration from heaps of female artists such as Joan Jett, Courtney Love, Kat Bjelland and Donita Sparks,” the band say.

“These women and many alike made us realise that you can be a woman and still succeed in the music industry, in a genre that is so male dominated, and not rely on a male counterpart to get to the top.”

Recently it was noted that, despite the broad range of incredible women artists globally, a mere 9.3% of Grammys nominees were female. When asked if they believe women are as under-represented in Australia, VOIID share:

That goes without saying, but in saying that, it is inspirational to see all-female bands like Camp Cope having such a presence in the Australian music industry and using their platform to bring fellow female artists to light.”

Speaking of… Melbourne’s Camp Cope have found themselves in the firing line of many ‘internet-people-with-opinions’ lately, due to their calling out music festivals on gender inequality.

The Opener, the lead single off Camp Cope’s most recent record, is all about the shit that women are forced to deal with as a touring band.

VOIID experience similar issues.

One big difference we all have noticed is getting our artist passes checked much more frequently than our male friends in bands, as women aren’t often seen as the ones in the bands but the ones sleeping with the band.

Another example is when our singer (Anji) was asked ‘how do you know the bands? You hooking up with one of the guys?’ It’s just kind of an automatic assumption that to be with the bands, you’re screwing the bands.”

Moving forward, VOIID say they’ll “make music and go about it as if you were a dude, ‘cause there’s no difference.” 

Last month, VOIID released their latest single Silly Girl, the follow-up tot heir debut EP Pussy Orientated. As for the future, VOIID say: “we’re releasing a follow up single in the very near future called Not For You. After that, expect an LP accompanied by some killer shows.”