5 female artists to follow, curated by Vanessa Nguyen

Vanessa Nguyen is an artist and illustrator based in Sydney. Her work highlights women in traced simplicity, most often in stark blacks and whites. Most recently she collaborated with Incu on a series of eight designs following the phase of the moon, which we heartily recommend checking out.

As part of International Women’s Day 2018, we asked Vanessa to share with us five of her current favourite artists.

Alone In Kyoto. Image courtesy of Vanessa Nguyen artists to follow
Alone In Kyoto. Image courtesy of Vanessa Nguyen

Been looking for a few artists to follow? To celebrate International Women’s Day, start your search with these five choices from illustrator Vanessa Nguyen.

Neva Hosking

Ive been a fan of Neva’s for a while without knowing she was from Sydney, so this excites me so much. Ive wanted to own a piece by her for a long time.

Her pencil etchings are so beautifully refined, she has a way of making them look complete and not draft-y or sketch-y. I like that a lot.

Brace urself for a bunch of old sheeet cos I am a bit burnt out atm and also preoccupied with gardening hehe 🌱

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Elizabeth Barnett

I came across Elizabeth’s work recently on a trip to Melbourne. I’ve tried branching out to different mediums, but I just can’t use oil and watercolour like she does.

My work is normally in black and white, and I’m really drawn to hers even though it’s so colourful. But maybe thats why, because it’s the complete opposite.

Sascha Bravery

Now I don’t know how she does it, but Sascha’s work is so beautiful. I’ve had a piece on hold for a long time. She also has the most beautiful, angelic soul to match.

Monoprint detail.

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Lynn Nguyen

Lynn’s attention to detail is impeccable and she’s got her own style, that’s for sure; dark, romantic, slightly gothic. Maybe I’m a little biased because we are related.

Actually, no bias here. I STILL LOVE IT!

Poppy Kural

A non-illustrative artist to add to my list, Poppy’s weaving work is so beautiful and I can only imagine how much time goes into creating each piece. A recent work using gold wire is stunning!

woven waves.

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You can keep up with Vanessa’s work on Instagram and her website. Read our interview with her here.