WA announce they will open their borders on March 3

WA Premier Mark McGowan has announced that after almost two years, the state will open their borders on March 3.

Time to book a trip to WA, because at 12:01am on Thursday March 3, anyone who is triple-dosed with the COVID-19 vaccine will be allowed to enter the state without having to quarantine.

“Eventually there comes a point where the border is ineffective, when you get to high numbers within the state,” the Premier said.

Credit: Charlievdb/Flickr

The decision comes after the initial date of opening was pushed back from February 5, due to high case numbers in other Australian states.

“March 3 will be a step forward for Western Australia, a safe step forward,” McGowan continued.

Travellers will have to take a RAT within 12 hours of arrival, and unvaccinated Australian returning from overseas will also have to quarantine for a week.

McGowan believes that the state will be 70 percent vaccinated by March 3, hence the decision to set a firm date of reopening.

BRB, we’re heading to Perth!