Waiter’s claim Kim Kardashian spent $576 at QLD restaurant debunked

A Cairns waiter claimed Kim K and her entourage spent $576 at his restaurant but now another employee says it’s all made up.

Earlier this week, a waiter at an Italian eatery, Piccolo Cucina posted a picture of a receipt, claiming Kim Kardashian had come by. He even went as far as tagging the reality star and thanking her for a “hefty tip”.

Since then, an unnamed employee has said the story was “essentially fabricated” and that Kimmy simply didn’t eat there.

Piccolo Cucina
Piccolo Cucina. Credit: Best Restaurants

Now, it’s not unusual for people to make wild claims in the attempt at a little bit of social media fame but, to have that story published by national news outlets then immediately debunked by a co-worker? That’s got to hurt.

The original post by the waiter, Callum McKean, was a picture of himself with the caption: “Took Kim K’s order at work today. Thx for the hefty tip @KimKardashian,”

Callum McKean kim kardashian
Credit: Instagram

He then posted a picture of a receipt for a bunch of pizzas, entrees and salads and came to a total of $576 and said: “Just finished work and have copious amounts of Kimmy fans apparently. Here’s her bill,”

Kim Kardashian receipt
Credit: Instagram

After making headlines around the country the producers at Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa radio show called the restaurant in the hopes of speaking with the waiter but they spoke with another employee instead.

The unnamed employee said the story was “essentially fabricated” and that the man behind it wouldn’t make any further comments.

Co-host Sarah McGilvray said on the radio show: “Now the team here have done some research, called the restaurant and it is total BS,”

“She didn’t eat there. The guy has made it up. The waiter’s having a cracking time getting headlines around the world, saying this was the Kimmy K diet starter pack and uploading the bill that was apparently from her and her entourage.”

Although Kim K is definitely hanging out in Aus while her boyfriend Pete Davidson films his upcoming movie Wizards!, there have already been a few falsified sightings.

Just last month a Cairns cafe owner said the couple had eaten at his establishment but it turned out Kimmy wasn’t even in the country at the time.

I have to admit, Kim is no stranger to the old non-disclosure agreement, I wonder how many of these sightings have been legit but the people have just been silenced.

Guess it’s time to become heavily invested in this new conspiracy theory I just made up.