Oprah Winfrey is not dead, despite weird “RIP OPRAH” text going viral

Oprah Winfrey is NOT dead! Waves of concern washed over people yesterday, when a bizarre “RIP ORPAH” text started circulating.

Following the latest fake death rumour surrounding a celebrity, we’re happy to report that Oprah Winfrey is, in fact, alive and well! The famous TV star and host was the subject of a texting scam that broke out just yesterday.

After hoards of people were inundated with an alarming text message that read “RIP OPRAH,” including a clickable link, rapid-fire rumours of her death being true fact disseminated across social media platforms. Fortunately, the rumour has been quickly proven false.

Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Receivers of this message have been advised not to engage with it in any sort of way, as it’s a pretty obvious scam. Of course, Winfrey is not, by any means, the only victim of a faux celebrity death rumour.

Thanks to the global power of social media virality, celebrity hoaxes are an inevitable part of pop culture. Remember when the internet freaked out because we all thought Raven-Symone was dead? Or Will Smith? Or Tom Holland?? The list goes on…

It appears that Oprah Winfrey, who is reportedly busy at the moment with production for per biopic set to drop soon, is yet to make a comment on the whole debacle. Honestly, she’s too cool for all this bullshit anyway.

We’re glad you’re alive and well, Oprah!