WALKEN know exactly how if feels to be you and prove it in Eagle Eye

In the thick mist of adolescence, most will find themselves only seconds away from mental catastrophe most of the time. Sometimes, music and art only serve to further our unhinging, tender mindsets and highlight our unwanted reticence. Some music, however, makes us feel just that little bit better. Brisbane punks, WALKEN personify our unnerving lethargy in their new track, Eagle Eye.


With scalding punk instrumentation and a kind relativity to our mediocrity in lyricism, WALKEN have managed to concoct the perfect punk anthem in Eagle Eye.

A reality all too real for many, the anxieties of adolescence can trickle in sinister drops far into adulthood and deny us maturity. The frustrations that abound in such situations call for recklessness, it calls for chaos and, most importantly, a punk catharsis like no other. Enter Eagle Eye. It’s as if WALKEN wrote this song watching youngsters try and fail to climb the oiled-up wall to adulthood. Spieling on our inherent laziness, not to mention our modern day penchant for self-pleasure, WALKEN speak to our souls in this one, and it feels good.

The lyrics seem to allude to recent developments in national security measures wherein, government policy has shifted to allow full disclosure of meta data from the entire country. The stomach churning feeling of being watched at all times is enough to make anyone want to scream until their vocal chords pour warm reds. Eagle Eye is just this kind of release.

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Drawing from an Aussie punk sound that, excitingly, becomes more and more our own, the boys have managed to perfectly concoct a mixture of catchy feel-good, skin-scratching punk and lyrics that bind to your mortal soul like its spiritual twin. WALKEN use Eagle Eye pour thick billows of truth down your throat with a sound of lethargic restlessness, familiarised in recent times by the likes of Violent Soho among others.

Stone grinding vocals courtesy of frontman Matt Jamez bury their sonic cluster bomb into the skin of your ear drum, scratching and soothing itches you didn’t even know were there. Pair this with angelic backing vocals from Patrick Shipp and Beej Vaughan and the tune is immediately elevated from bedroom punk to some seriously clever arrangement, allowing dynamic to gently sway the vessel that rests on an ocean of metallic distortion and relentless drums.

Eagle Eye comes complete with a home made video that has the effect of connecting you to the three-piece on a more personal level. We get an inside look into the dank masturbatorium of our vocalist and into the rest of his suburban palace. The boys tear their way through the song and through their house in true punk style, but with a hint of refined finesse courtesy of a rogue smoke machine, now that’s showbiz.

Keep an eye out for WALKEN, they might just make you feel right at home.