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Walrus Audio Fable: Granular Delays, Pitch Stretching and Ethereal Tones

In the studio, we tested Walrus Audio’s Fable — a stunning, magical soundscape generator of delays, pitch and granular time-stretching effects.

Sit down kids, it’s storytime. The mystical tree folk man of Walrus Audio’s Fable is here to guide you through your sonic endeavours.

We’ve only spent a few hours with Fable and the rich, atmospheric sounds are unbelievably easy to dial in, and perfect for building excitement in intros and outros with no harsh moments.

fable pedal

Founded in Oklahoma City by Colt Westbrook, Walrus Audio has been building pedals since 2011, with releases like Lore, a beautiful reverse soundscape designer and Eons, a Five-State Fuzz pedal.

Fable creates a journey of sound with 5 granular programs to explore. For those new to this term, Granular is a digital processing technique that through short samples called grains, are read through a delay buffer to create a stuttering echo effect.

Users can adjust these settings using the time, mod, feedback and regen dials on the face of the pedal to discover unique soundscapes ranging from smooth ambient reverberance to chaotic, glitchy swarms of delay.

new pedals

Program 1 is a Reverse Delay into a Reverse Granular where samples are played backwards for an organically shifting soundscape.

Program 2 is a Forward Delay into an Octave Up Granular which adds a brighter texture with airy tones played at double speed.

Program 3 is an Analog-style delay into Octave Down Granular where the grains are slowed to a half-speed with the murky ambience of a lower octave.

Program 4 features a Multi-tap Granular where two algorithms build on each other in the feedback path for some glitched-out heavenly tones.

Program 5 takes you on a wild ride with a Forward Delay into Randomised Pitch Granular where the samples are unpredictable varying between half and double speeds playing in alternating directions.

When bypassing, Fable creates a subtle fade on the tail without cutting the signal for seamless transitions and closing chapters.

walrus audio fable

Whatever the story be it Happy ever after or, tragedy, Fable is a genuinely unique box that takes players on a journey of inspiration to create gorgeous textures to dark ruminating tones.

Power requirements are 9VDC (centre negative) power supply not included. The Fable retails for around $449 AUD and is widely available here in Australia.

To find out more about Walrus Audio’s Fable head over to their website Walrusaudio.com