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Walrus Audio get spooky with the Limited Edition Iron Horse Distortion

The Iron Horse distortion just got a ’50s horror influenced makeover for Halloween. Walrus Audio knows how to celebrate the spooky season just right. Last year’s Halloween Iron Horse featured a 3 headed nightmare and the year before that sported a sinister skeleton stallion.

This year’s limited edition Halloween Iron Horse is an awesome 50’s horror movie poster throwback illustrated by Adam Forster.
Iron Horse LM308 Limited Edition

Walrus Audio’s Limited Edition Iron Horse brings terror to your tone. This demonic distortion serves up the same tone with a new “nerve-shattering” look.

The Original V2 pedal is a favourite of Walrus Audio fans everywhere. The Julia Chorus and Fathom reverb are some of the company’s greatest and the Iron Horse is Walrus’s flagship distortion. This true bypass, high gain monster lets you steer the steed or let the reigns loose for full-on distorted madness.

The pedal has three distortion modes operated by a toggle switch that changes between different clipping diodes providing more versatility in shaping the tone of the distortion. The left will offer some compression. Right will give you a higher amount of compression and, in contrast, Middle will give you a wide-open, non-compressed signal.

Above all, this year’s pedal art comes from Adam Forster and each pedal will ship with an 11 x 17 poster of his ghoulish artwork.

Check out Walrus Audio’s trailer below and head to the website for more details.