Want pill testing to be taken seriously in NSW? Sign this open letter

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Take Control, a national drug reform campaign launched by the Ted Noffs Foundation, has shared an open letter urging Premier Gladys Berejiklian and the NSW Government to consider introducing pill testing at festivals throughout the state.

Pill testing
Photo: VICE

Following yet another tragic death at a NSW music festival, Take Control have penned an open letter to the state government concerning pill testing.

The letter comes following the news of a substance-related death at this year’s Lost Paradise festival, as well as the recent warning of dangerous orange pills at Falls Festival.

Pill testing has proved to be a formidable harm reduction initiative at many overseas festivals. In Australia there has been a single trial of the concept at Groovin The Moo – which was a huge success.

However since that trial, pill testing has been staunchly ignored as a potentially live-saving action by the NSW Police, Government, and anti-drug activists.

Read the open letter for yourself below, and add your name here.


To Premier Berejiklian,

As you know, another young person has died at a live music event. I think you agree this is getting out of control.

The health and safety of all young people living in NSW should be our first and foremost priority.

The government can do more to protect young lives from the inevitable harms associated with illicit drugs.

We know you don’t like the idea of pill testing. However, we are asking you to listen to the international evidence, the success of the trial in the ACT, doctors, academics and health workers.

After reviewing the evidence, you may decide that there are less politically risky options to take – that’s your prerogative. But above all, we ask that you listen to the science and the majority of Australians first. NSW wants you to consider pill testing at every festival.

Your government can take control of this issue through safer, saner drug laws and roll out pill testing services across NSW.