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Warm Audio cables offer up a lifetime of pristine tone

Good cables are essential to the smooth running of any studio. Warm Audio’s selection of premium cables are built for the long haul.

Cables are the unsung hero of the studio: rarely noticed at all, unless things are going wrong. But of all the gear that you own, they are subjected to the most abuse. You plug them in and unplug them, you drop them on the ground, you roll them up and unroll them, you sweat on them, spill beer on them, and worse. No wonder they give up sometimes!

But for the new cables from Warm Audio, quitting isn’t an option. Coming in two breeds — ‘Professional’ and ‘Premier’ — Warm Audio’s cables offer up reliability for a lifetime of work in the studio and on the stage.

Warm Audio Cables

Swiss expertise

To bring this range of cables to fruition, Warm Audio tapped none other than Gotham AG — a premium Swiss cable manufacturer that Warm Audio has collaborated with before, providing cables for its tube microphones. Gotham AG is almost unmatched in cable pedigree and has been doing its thing for more than 60 years; all that know-how has been brought to bear on this new range.

And speaking of range: it’s a big one! Covering XLR (standard microphone cable), TRS quarter-inch, TRS jack to male and female XLR, tip-sleeve quarter-inch (standard guitar cable, straight and right-angled), and quarter-inch speaker cable. Pretty much any part of the audio signal path can be served by this collection. And with lengths spanning from short patches to cables that will span the stage, these cables are useful for a multitude of purposes.

As you can imagine, they feel great. Weighty and robust with none of that thin ropiness you associate with cheap cables. And with the nylon braiding of the Premier cable, say goodbye to tangles — the bane of any sound engineer’s existence. And the sound? Well, they sound like nothing: which is a good thing! Great cables work to preserve the fidelity of your processing, so if you want your audio to be pristine, or if you’ve dialled in a down and dirty tone, these cables will do nothing to alter that essential character.

Warm Audio Cables

Premier specs

As mentioned earlier, there are two classes of cable on offer. The ‘Professional’ is, for want of a better word, the ‘standard’ version, even though it offers superior build quality, comes with a lifetime warranty, and wears the Gotham Audio badge with pride.

But this is the world of audio gear: it’s always tempting to take it up a notch. The ‘Premier’ line is for those who wish to guarantee a no-compromises transfer of signal from point A to point B.

To offer this option, Warm Audio and Gotham AG have focused not only on connectors (gold-plated) but minimising the dreaded RFI (short for radio frequency interference). And though it’s hard to pinpoint how this occurs in any given situation, we all know what it sounds like and how much it sucks!

Using ‘StarQuad’ construction (two cores each for the hot/positive and cold/negative legs) further negates the effects of RFI, which if you’re cabling over long distances, becomes more of a danger. Another anti-interference measure is the use of ‘Double-Reussen’ shielding. It offers two layers of protection for the inner cores, each wrapped in contrary directions, rather than the standard uniform shielding.

Warm Audio Cables

So why offer two levels of cable? The Premier line does involve techniques that adds expense to the manufacturing process and therefore, will cost you more. So if you wanted to kit out your home studio setup, a mixture of Professional and Premier cables would make a lot of sense. Neither of them will let you down, but at least you have the option to upgrade if you believe it’s required. The best thing about them is that you’ll almost forget that they existed, safe in the knowledge that you can trust them to do the job for years to come.

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