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Watch a supercut of Christopher Walken cutting shapes in over 50 movies

We thought that we would bring you something to brighten up your afternoon. One name: Christopher Walken.

Best known for his acting in some of the world’s most watched films – from Pulp Fiction (1994) to Hairspray (2007) – Walken also has a secret talent (or not so secret, if you’ve seen the Weapon of Choice film clip). He spent most of his early life in the entertainment industry as a professional dancer – his initial launchpad into the world of acting.

christopher walken

Christopher Walken’s talent as an actor is indisputable. So it might surprise you that he also has the talents of a formally trained dancer under his belt.

From ballet to acrobatics, Christopher Walken really has done it all. He began formal classes at the age of three, growing up around parents who were heavily involved in the music industry. This led to Walken touring himself as a tap dancer in many musicals and shows as a young adult. Now, he has danced at some point in over 50 of his films. It has been said that he often requests to play a character that has a dance scene within the role… and we aren’t complaining.

So to give you something to smile about going into this weekend, we’ve found a video that is a complication of some of Walken’s best moves.  See below for over four uninterrupted minutes of Walken shaking what he’s got.